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Sunday, September 28, 2008

My First Tutorial ~ Remembrance


This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.  Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidence. 
Supplies Needed:
I am using Corel PSP X2 version but any version will do.
Xero Plugin ~ Porcelain
Xenofex 2 ~ constellation if you wish to animate.
Animation shop
Mask BflyFlbyMask 22 found HERE. Look under Masks! Thank you!
Tube of choice.  I am using the stunning work of Olivia. You can purchase a license to use her art HERE.
Freebie Scrap Kit ~ Remembrance by Aquarius found HERE. Thank you Aquarius! ♥
Template # 3 of Sept. 16, 2008 by Dreamy found HERE. Thank you Dreamy for allowing me to share! ♥
Ok let's get started...
Open up a new transparent image 600 x 550 pixels and flood fill white. Add a new layer, select ALL and choose a paper of choice. I used Paper 12, copy and paste into selection. 
Select none. Sharpen.
Open mask in PSP, minimize. Select layers, new mask layer, scroll for Mask BflyFlbyMask 22 and click OK.
Delete mask layer on layer palette. Layers - merge group.
Set this working image aside.
Open Dreamy's Template # 3.  Delete the Raster 3 (the credit layer). Mirror the Copy of Raster 3 layer!
Select Raster 2 dark grey circle layer. Select ALL, Float, Defloat, Selections ~ Modify Expand 1
and copy a paper of choice (I used paper 7 resized to 500 x 500) paste as a new layer. Selections invert and delete.  Select none. Sharpen once.
Duplicate this layer and on duplicate layer change blend mode to Multiply.  
Delete original grey template circle layer.
On raster 4 layer (white circle frame), select all, float, defloat and expand by 1.  Copy paper of choice (I used paper 9 resized to 500 x 500). Copy and paste as a new layer. Invert selection, delete. Select none. Sharpen.
Duplicate this frame layer and on duplicate copy later change blend mode to Hard Light.
Drop shadow this circle frame layer. I used a heavy D/S of 3,7, 80, 7 blur, black.
Back to white circle layer (raster 4), with magic wand, click inside circle area and selections expand by 3,  copy tube of choice and paste as a new layer.  Centre as you wish.  Invert selections,
delete. Select none. Delete the white frame template layer.  D/S tube.  I used 2,2,5, 17.38 blur, black.
To add romantic effect to tube, I used Xero Plugin ~ Porcelain softness 50, strength 128, brightness 128.
Edit, copy merged (all layers) and paste onto first working image.
Open Calla Lily flower,  resize by 20% and again by 75%. Sharpen once.Copy and paste, D/S 2,2,50, 5 blur.
Place according to my reference tag.
Open fan embellishment, resize 20% and again 40%.Place as new layer on working copy and rotate 25 degrees to right. Paste appropriately. Sharpen and dropshadow as above.
Open purse embellishment, resize 20%, and 40% again. Copy.
Paste onto working image and rotate 15 degrees to left.  Sharpen once and dropshadow.
Open bow 2, resize 20% and again 75%. Copy and paste on working copy. Rotate 15 degrees to right. Sharpen, dropshadow.
Add your copyright, watermark and name. Font I used is Portfolio Regular which is a pay font.
I added effect Add noise to text with setting ~ uniform 35, monochrome checked.  Sharpen. Add your favorite dropshadow.
I used 2,3, 69, 5 blur.
If you don't want to animate, merge all flatten and save as a .png. Enjoy!

In PSP, delete white background layer.  On masked layer, add filter Xenoflex2 ~ constellation with following settings:
Star sz 2, variation 1, density 1, overall density 1, overdrive 100, twinkle amt 55, rotation 45 degrees, keep original image checked.
Apply.  Copy merged all layers. Open A/S, paste as a new animation.
Back to PSP, undo constellation effect, add constellation, click random, OK.  Copy. Paste in A/S after current frame.
Back in PSP, undo constellation, add constellation, click random, OK. Copy. Paste in A/S after current frame.
View animation. If satisfied, select all, change animation properties to white opaque background. Optimize.
Save as a gif and you're done!
I hope you enjoyed my very first tutorial!

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CheriWild said...

woohoo Congrats sweetie..I cant wait to try this..beautiful!