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Friday, October 31, 2008

I Don't Feel I Deserve These but but...

Ohhh my! I received yet another award...Thank you Stu! ♥
You know I luv ya hun! You are a great inspiration
to me and an awesome friend.
Please check out Stu's blog
You won't be disappointed.
Now I have to pass this onto 4 other bloggers:
Kubivet- An awesome digital design artist with some very unique scrap kits. She has amazing talent and I'm thrilled to highlight her here. ♥
Rachel-I first met Rachel on Kreative Mindz and always loved her style of tagging but now Rachel has started making scrap kits and is doing a WONDERFUL job. A must see! ☺
Nae-A new tut writer with so much to offer. I love her style and her creativity. Please give Nae some love. ♥
Donna-Donna's blog site ROCKS and her templates are unique and original. A definite must see. ☺

1 comment:

vfellows01 said...

Chas honey, rest assured that you surely do deserve all the awards that have been coming your way, so stop blushing, sit back and enjoy all the praise. Your site is just gorgeous and the side bar you have created is not only beautiful but totally unique. Love your siggie tuts - they would look just beautiful incorporated into scrapbooking layouts. What's not to love about this site?

Thanks for the link back - I am glad you like the lace tuts.