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Friday, October 24, 2008

New Tutorial ~ Forever Yours

Big thank you to Sabre for sharing this beautiful scrap kit.
This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.
Supplies Needed:
 I am using Corel PSP X2 version but any version will do.
 Two images of choice.  I am using the alluring artwork of Jennifer Janesko. You can purchase a license to use her art at CILM.
FTU scrap kit by Sabre called Forever Yours ~ found HERE.  Thank you Sabre! ♥ Please leave him some love when you d/l.
Just Dreamin Template_4 by Dreamy found HERE. Check older posts for template dated Sept. 18th/2008.
Thank you Dreamy! ♥
SaraLettersMask supplied HERE.
I do not know who to credit this mask to.  Please contact me if it belongs to you so I may add credits or remove it.
 Font I used is Aquarelle, which can be found HERE.
Thank you Sabre for sharing your amazing talents with us tutorial writers/taggers.
You are an inspiration to us all. ♥
 * * * * *
 Open up a new transparent image 675 x 575 pixels and flood fill white.  You can resize later.
Open the SL-flingforeverforSabre (ornate doodle). Resize 80%. Copy 'n paste.
Place to the left 'n down slightly.  Duplicate. Image mirror, Image flip. Place according to my reference tag. Move this copied doodle layer below the original.
Use your favorite D/S or 2,2,55, 5 blur, black to each of these ornate doodles.
Minimize this working image for now.
Open Just dreamin template_4.  We will be working with this template. Delete the credit layer on your layer palette.
Select raster 2 layer ~ select all, select float, defloat.
Open SL-paper4 by Sabre ~ Image rotate 90 degrees to right ~ all layers checked.  Copy 'n Paste as a new layer on template.
Selections ~ Invert ~ delete. Select none.
Colorize this paper layer ~ Adjust Hue & Saturation ~ colorize ~ Hue 253, Saturation 171.
Adjust brightness/contrast to your liking. I used brightness -10, contrast 0.
Select raster 4 layer (white frame), select all, select float, defloat. Selections modify ~ expand by 1.
Flood fill black. Select none. D/S this frame with favorite settings. Merge down to paper layer below it.
Delete grey raster 2 template layer.
Select copy of Raster 2 layer ~ select all, float, defloat. 
Copy image of choice. Paste as a new layer. Centre on template to accentuate area of interest.
Selections invert ~ delete. Select none.
Delete grey copy of raster 2 template layer.
Select raster 3 layer (frame) ~ select all ~ select float, defloat, selections modify ~ expand by 1.
Flood fill this layer with black. Select none.
D/S this frame layer only and merge down with image layer below.
Copy the frame-paper merged layer 'n paste it onto your original working image, moving it to the left
and place it between the two ornate doodle layers on your layer palette.
*The left doodle sitting on top of the frame-paper layer. 
The right doodle sits behind the frame-paper layer.*
Back to template,  copy the frame-image merged layer 'n paste onto your original working image, moving it slightly down.. See reference tag.
Again, be sure this frame-image merged layer is between the two ornate doodle layers on your layers palette. 
 Open the SL-framesabreforeveryours. Resize 75%. For added effect, I used the brightness/contrast, same setting as above, on this frame.
Using magic wand, tolerance 10, feather 0, click inside the circular frame.  Selections ~ modify ~ expand by 10.
Copy other image of choice.  Paste as new layer. Centre for area of interest.  Selections ~ invert ~ delete. Select none.
Arrange layers ~ move down.  D/S your circular frame as desired.
   Adjust sharpness ~ Unsharp Mask ~ Radius 1, Strength 30, Clipping 3, Luminance checked. OK
 Merge down to image layer. Copy 'n paste.
Move this merged frame/image layer to right side of your original working image.
Back to template, copy your two black flower accents 'n place on original working image to your liking.
Open SL-branchsabreforeveryours. Resize 80%. Copy 'n paste.
Place on your working image behind the circular/image layer.  D/S.
Decorate as you wish to customize your tag.
On layers palette, select white background ~ add a new raster layer ~ select all
Open paper of choice or SL-Paper4 again. Rotate 90 degrees to right if not already done so. Copy. Paste into selection. Select none.
Sharpen.  Colorize Hue 252, Saturation 171.
Layers ~ New Mask Layer ~ From Image ~ find SaraLettersMask, invert mask data checked. OK.
On layer palette, delete mask. Merge group.
Resize this mask layer by 95% if you wish.
Resize your tag at this point, all layers checked.
 Add your copyright, watermark and name. 
For name, I used foreground stroke 1, black, and fill color # c00000.
Rotate 15 degrees to left.
Inner bevel setting of choice.
D/S ~ default setting. 
Merge all flatten and save as a .png or .jpeg.

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