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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wo0t wo0t! I Received Another Award...

Photobucket I got another award from Nae of Naes Dezines & Beaches of Blame Beaches TutorialsThank you Nae & Beaches ☺ ♥ The rules of this award are to say 7 things I love and to then pass this award onto 7 people. Here are the 7 things I love. 1. I love my boyfriend... though he doesn't know it yet.♥ 2. I love my family 'n close friends. 3. I love animals esp. horses; I used to own one growing up. 4. I love making people laugh or smile. 5. I love kissing in the rain. 6. I love to ski, swim, camp and yes even fish. lol 7. I love Music; it motivates me while I'm creating.

Unfortunately I do not have the time to pass this award onto other talented bloggers but please know I do appreciate receiving this award wholeheartedly. ♥

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