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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Tutorial ~ Lost In Me

This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.  Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidence. 
Supplies Needed:
I am using Corel PSP X2 version but any version will do.
Plugin Xenoflex 1 ~ Distress
 Tubes of choice.  I am using the gorjuss artwork of Suzanne Woolcott. You can purchase a license to use her art HERE.
FTU Mini Kit by Irene Alexeeva called Just So (November 2/08) Thank you Irene! ♥
Font 2Peas Ice Cubes, a pay font.
I named this tut after the mood I was in whilst making the tag.
 * * * * *
This will be a quickie! 
Open up a new transparent image 625 x 575 pixels and flood fill white.
Resize all your papers 500 x 500 pixels.  Resize most elements 20%. This is a rough guide only.
Find paper bg 3.
Use Xenofex 1 filter ~ Distress ~ edge width 11, irregularity 57, choose jagged edge.
Copy 'n paste on your working image. Rotate 5 degrees to left. D/S 2/2/50/5 blur, black
Sharpen once.
Do same for other papers. See my reference tag.
Rotate in opposite direction. I resized the second paper layer by 95% and the third paper layer by 90%.
Open AC paper frame, resize to 500 pixels wide. Copy 'n paste.
Rotate 5 degrees to left. Using magic wand, click in center of frame
Selections ~ modify ~ expand by 5
Copy and paste paper of choice as a new layer.
Selections invert ~ delete. Do Not deselect yet.
Copy tube of choice and paste as a new layer, delete.  Selections none.
Move the frame layer above your paper and tube layers.
D/S your frame as above.
Copy and paste Ac Doodled frame. Rotate 90 degrees to left.
Use your pic tool to resize to liking; move to left of tag.
Using magic wand, click in centre of this frame, expand by 5,  paste another paper as a new layer
selections invert, delete
Copy another tube of choice, paste as a new layer. Place to liking, delete.
Selections none. Move frame above this paper & tube layers.
D/S both tube and frame. 
Copy Ac doodled flower and paste to right of tag. Rotate 5 degrees to right.  D/S.
Copy Ac ric rac.  Paste as a new layer.
Using magic wand, select layer of the AC paper frame, click outside the outter edge of the frame.
Back to the ric rac layer, press delete. Selections none.
D/S ric rac.
Paste the ric rac again.  Rotate to left 10 - 20 degrees or to your liking. Use magic wand again
on frame layer outter edge, move back to ric rac and delete overhang. Selections none. D/S
Add your resized button and doodle. D/S.  Duplicate doodle and place on different layer for dimension. Rotate as desired using pic tool (deformation tool).
Add your copyright, watermark and name.
Merge all flatten and save as a .png or .jpeg.
Hope you enjoy your new gorjuss tag!

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