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Friday, February 27, 2009

New Tutorial ~ Garv Star

 This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.
Supplies Needed:
 I am using Corel PSP X2 version but any version will do.
3 Tubes of choice by same artist.  I am using the seductive artwork of Keith Garvey. You can purchase a license to use his work at MPT.
FTU Anniversary Add On by Delicious Scraps found HERE
Kerstin's Glitter & Glamour Doodles found HERE
Plugin:  Toadies ~ What Are You
Font for the name is Vienna Extended LET which is a pay font.
  * * * * *
 Open up a new transparent image 650 x 575 pixels and flood fill white.
Open star frame of choice ~ resize 25%. Copy 'n paste as a new layer.
Rotate 5 degrees to left.  Sharpen if desired.
Using magic wand, click inside of frame and pressing shift key on keyboard, select as much of the inside area as possible.
Selections ~ modify selection ~ expand by 1.
Add a new raster layer, flood fill black. Do NOT deselect.
Move this layer below the star frame.  
NOTE: This black layer is optional; not using this layer will keep the entire tag transparent.
Open main tube of choice, colorize using hue 255, saturations 0, 
copy 'n paste as a new layer over the black layer but below the star frame, positioning as desired.
Selections ~ invert ~ delete. Selections none.
You may add a light D/S to the star frame eg. 1,1,49, 4 blur, black
but select the drop shadow as a new layer before applying. By doing so,
you may opt to erase, using the eraser tool, any part of the drop shadow
within the transparent portion of the star frame.
The idea is to keep the star frame transparent but still having a slight D/S on the edge only.
Using the rectangular preset shape, with foreground color nil and fill color black,
draw a rectangular area approx. 515 x 190 pixels.
Objects ~ align ~ center in canvas.
Convert to raster layer.
Duplicate this layer.
On the original bottom black layer, use
Toadies Plugin ~ What Are You ~ setting X & Y = 20.
Open ribbon ~ resize 15%. Copy 'n paste as a new layer over top the uppermost
black rectangle. Position as per reference tag.  Sharpen.
Back to black uppermost rectangle, using magic wand, click inside this black rectangle
Back to ribbon layer, selections invert ~ delete ~ selections none.
Duplicate this ribbon layer ~ Image ~ Flip.
Back to uppermost black rectangle, click inside with magic wand again
Open two other tubes of choice, colorize each using hue 255, saturation 0 
 copy 'n paste as new layers ~ selections invert ~ delete for each tube layer.
Selections ~ none.
Drop opacity of these two tube layers to approx. 57 on your layer palette.
 Open bow ~ resize 20%. Copy 'n paste as a new layer, above ALL of the other layers.  D/S 1,1,49, 4 blur, color black
Open black felt heart ~ resize 10%. Copy 'n paste as a new layer over top the bow. Rotate 5 degrees to left. D/S.
Duplicate this felt  heart. Move the duplicate copy below the bow layer.
Back to the original felt heart layer, using your eraser tool, erase
part of the felt heart on the right side to make it appear to entertwine with the bow.
 Open  star glitter doodle, resize 20%.  Image ~ greyscale.
Image ~ increase color depth ~ RGB 16 bits.
Copy 'n paste as a new layer above your white background layer.
Rotate slightly if desired. Sharpen.
Still on this layer, using crop tool, crop merged opaque. Expand nodules slightly if desired. Click on center ~ ok.
 Add your copyright, URL, watermark & name.
 Merge all flatten. Save as a PNG or JPEG
Tip:   if you wish to keep the background transparent, simply delete your white background layer
and merge visible. Save as a PNG file. 
 Hope you enjoy your new creation!

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