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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Tutorial ~ Naughty Girl

This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.
Supplies Needed:
 I am using Corel PSP X2 version but any version will do.
 Two tubes of choice, preferably one a closeup.  I am using the sexy artwork of Bettie Page by Olivia. You can purchase a license here at CILM.
PTU elements & papers by Shelby of Jenasis Design called Vintage Ruby ~ found HERE dated March 23 & March 22, 2009.
This kit was a freebie but is now a PTU.
WordArt supplied HERE
No plugins required.
 Font used for name is Hurricane Swash ROB, a payfont.
 * * * * *
 Open up a new transparent image 650 x 650 pixels and flood fill white.
Open VR element 31 ~ using the selection tool ~ point-to-point,
draw a selection in the center to delete the heart and triangular accents.  Delete. Selections ~ none.
Resize 25%, smart size.  Copy 'n paste as a new layer.
Using your magic wand, click in the center of this element, hold down shift key on keyboard
and select all the inner openings of the element.  Selections ~ modify ~ expand by 3 pixels.
Open paper of choice or VR paper 3,  resized to 500 x 500 pixels.
Copy 'n paste as a new layer. Selections ~ invert. Delete. 
Open face tube, resize if needed. Copy and paste as a new layer, delete. Selections ~ none.
Move the red frame element above your tube & paper  layers on your layer palette.
D/S the frame & tube layers with your favorite setting or 6/6/59, 5 blur, black.
Open red flower element 1, resize 30%.  Copy 'n paste as a new layer above the white background layer.
D/S same as above.
Open VR element 33, resize 65%. Copy 'n paste as a new layer. Place slightly to left of tag.
Move this layer below the red flower.  D/S.
Open main tube of choice. Copy 'n paste as uppermost layer on tag. D/S.
Open antique clock element 3, resize 25%. 
Because this element has some white edges on it, we'll try to clean up the edges by:
Selections ~ select ALL ~ select float ~ select defloat ~ selections ~ modify contract by 1.
Selections ~ invert  ~ Delele and selections ~ none.
Copy 'n paste as your upper most layer on your layer palette. D/S.
Open the VR staple element 17, resize by 50%.  Sharpen.
Copy 'n paste as a new layer, place according to reference tag. Duplicate.
Using pic tool or deformation tool, rotate duplicate copy slightly to left to create an 'X'
Sharpen. Merge down the duplicate staple with the original staple.
Duplicate again ~ mirror.
D/S each staple element.  Add any other embellishments you desire.
Close off all layers below the red flower layer (element 33 & white bg).
Merge visible ALL other layers. Duplicate.
On original layer ~ Effects ~ Blur ~ Gaussian blur ~ radius 26. Apply.
Re-open white bg & element 33 layers.
Add wordart of choice or my wordart supplied.
 Resize complete tag at this point if desired.
 Add your copyright, watermark, URL and name
 Merge all flatten and save as a .png or .jpeg.

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karen said...

omg Chas i love this tut! i need a bit of help with my site will contact you over the weekend,if you don't mind,hugs karen xxx