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Friday, June 26, 2009

New Tutorial ~ Mon Amie La Rose

This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.
Supplies Needed:
 I am using Corel PSP X2 version but any version will do.
 Tube of choice.  I am using the beautiful artwork of Nicole Brune. You can purchase a license to use her art at CILM.
Freebie Add-on kit by Catherine called Mon Amie La Rose ~ found HERE  Absolutely love this mini-kit! Thank you Catherine! ♥ *scroll down a bit*
 Mask_81 by Chelle found HERE
 Font used is Scriptina, a payfont.
 * * * * *
 1.  Open a new transparent image 600 x 600 pixels and flood fill white.
Add a new raster layer, Selections ~ select all
Open paper1, copy 'n paste into the selection. Selections ~ none.
Open mask of choice, minimize. Layers ~ New Mask Layer ~ from Image ~ find mask & apply.
Merge group.  Duplicate masked layer.
2.  Add a new raster layer, selections ~ select all.
Open rose spray. Copy 'n paste into the selection. ~ selections ~ none.
Duplicate ~ mirror.  Using move tool, move the right rose spray slightly down.
3.  Open first basket (empty one), resize 20%. Copy  'n paste as a new layer.
Open second basket (with roses), resize 20%, copy 'n paste as a new layer.
Try to overlap the two baskets as perfectly as possible.
Once happy, lock these two basket layers on your layer palette by clicking on 'lock' to read '1'
3. Open tube of choice, resize if needed, copy 'n paste as a new layer between the two basket layers.
Erase any part of the tube that extends beyond the bottom of the basket.
Duplicate tube. Move duplicate copy above the uppermost basket.
Again, erase any part of the top tube layer to make it appear to be peering out through the handle. See reference tag.
4.  Add dried flowers rosy cluster (without D/S), resized 20%. Paste as a new layer below the basket layers.  Move slightly to right.
Duplicate ~ mirror. Duplicate mirrored copy again, resize 80% and move slightly upward behind tube 'n basket layer.
Rotate with pic tool (deformation tool) slightly. Duplicate ~ mirror.
Add any other flowers as desired.
D/S all layers except  masked layers, original tube layer & empty basket layer.
5.. Add your copyright, URL, watermark and name.
Merge all flatten and save as a .jpeg or merge visible and save as a .png
 I hope you enjoy your new creation!  Another version with a different tube seen below.
*Remember this tutorial is merely a guide so feel free to use a different tube and/or scrap kit*
Written by me Chas June 27, 2009

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