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Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Tutorial ~ Timeless

This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.
Supplies Needed:
 I am using Corel PSP X2 version but any version will do.
 Tube of choice.  I am using the sexy artwork of Olivia. You can purchase a license at CILM.
PTU kit by Cinnamon Scraps called Timeless found HERE Thank you, Laura! ♥ This kit is on sale for month of July '09.
Mask by Essex Girl called Starside Triple Frame found HERE
Toadies Plugin ~ What Are You
Template frame found HERE
 Font for name is Ephesis ROB, a pay font
This is a signature forum style tag.
 * * * * *
1. Open a new transparent image 700 x 300 px. Flood fill white.
Open the frame supplied. Copy 'n paste as a new layer.
Select All select float, defloat, modify selections ~ expand by 1
Open 'n copy paper 5, paste as a new layer, Selections ~ invert ~ delete ~ selections ~ none.
Duplicate this layer.
On the original layer, use Toadies Plugin ~ What Are You ~ settings: 20, 20
Choose duplicate layer ~ merge down ~ duplicate
2.  Add a new raster layer above the white background layer.
Choose flood tool, make a gradient from two colors from the swatch provided in the kit or colors
foreground #fbd0c7, fill #a5544e ~ foreground choose gradient ~ linear style, angle 45, repeats 3
Flood fill the raster layer.  Open mask, minimize
Layers ~ From New Mask Image ~ find starside triple frame mask ~ source luminance, invert checked. Apply.
Merge Group. Using pick tool, move the nodes towards center, horizontally, to make the mask layer approx 485 px wide.
Move mask to left side of tag.  Duplicate mask layer ~ mirror. 
Erase any part of the duplicate copy that overlaps original mask layer.
3. Open tube of choice. Copy 'n paste as uppermost layer. If using same tube, rotate tube 10 degrees to left. D/S -3, 3, 45, 7 blur, color #404040.
4. Now personalize tag with elements of choice. 
Sunflower1, bow1, tag1, green leaf, branch2, pussywillow branch, leaves3 = all at 50%.
Heart1 ~ 50% and further 75%. Rotate with pick tool to right.
D/S each 1/1/45, 5 blur, color #404040
The curled ribbon 80% ~ image flip.
WordArt ~ Timeless ~ 25%.  Selections ALL, float, defloat, open paper 6, copy 'n paste as a new layer
Selections ~ invert ~ delete. Selections ~ none. D/S & Sharpen once.
Delete original wordart layer.
 5.  Add your copyright, URL, watermark and name.
 Close off white background. Merge visible ~ save as a .Png.
Hope you enjoy your new signature tag.

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