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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I've Been Tagged

I’ve been tagged by Sylvie! Thank you hon! ♥ THREE NAMES I GO BY: Chas, Lifey, Meltin ***** THREE PLACES I HAVE LIVED: Sydney, Aus; Brandon, Manitoba; Flin Flon, Manitoba ***** THREE THINGS I LIKE TO WATCH: The stars at night, children, elderly ***** THREE PLACES I HAVE BEEN: Hawaii, Amsterdam, U.S.A. ***** THREE OF MY FAVOURITE FOODS: Greek, Italian, pizza ***** THREE THINGS I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO: moving back to Canada, visiting the U.S.A, being with my b/f ***** THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE PEOPLE: My g/f Sherry, my b/f Don, My BFF Reese ***** THREE FAVORITE COLOURS: blue, brown, red ***** THREE FAVORITE BOOKS/AUTHORS: John Grisham, Stephen King, Rebecca J. Vickery ***** THREE THINGS YOUR GOING TO DO TODAY: update my blog, write some emails, make important phone calls ***** PASS THIS ON TO 5 BLOGS TO FIND OUT THREE THINGS ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS Karen Beaches Mercy Scrappin Jack Cheri

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karen said...

thank you Chas,passed it on hugs karen xxx