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Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Tutorial ~ Siren

This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.
Supplies Needed:
 I am using Corel PSP X2 version but any version will do.
Tube of choice. I am using the sexy artwork of Keith Garvey. You can purchase a license to use his work at MPT.
PTU Kit by Missy Scrap with Attitude called Angels on the Moon found HERE. Get the tagger size.
Absolutely love this kit. Thank you, Missy. ♥
Becky_Mask042 found HERE
Plugin PhotoEffex ~ Scanlines
 Optional Plugin:  EyeCandy 4000 ~ Gradient Glow for name only
Font for the name is Stephanie Marie JF, a payfont
  * * * * *
1.  Open up a new transparent image 650 x 600 pixels and flood fill white.
Add a new raster layer, flood fill with color #c0d085 or paper of choice.
Open becky_mask042, minimize. Layer ~ New Mask Layer ~ from Image ~ find becky_mask042.
Source luminance checked only. Apply. Merge group.
Duplicate mask layer 2 or 3 times.
2.  Open frame oval 2, resize to 500 px. Copy 'n paste as a new layer above all mask layers.
Free rotate 90 degrees to left. To brighten the frame, use Brightness/Contrast of 15, 4 respectively.
D/S frame with a heavier setting or 5/5/55/5 blur, color #404040
3.  Using selection tool ~ rectangle ~ draw a selection approx. 550 x 68 px. Add a new raster layer.
Flood fill with same color #c0d085. Selections none.
Using plugin Photo Effex ~ Scanlines ~ use standard setting or 0, 12, 20, 10, 0, 0.
Move this rectangle layer below frame layer and upward to left of tag. Duplicate this layer ~ mirror & flip.
Duplicate this layer and free rotate 90 degrees to left. Move this vertical rectangle to left of frame. (see reference tag)
 D/S all these rectangle layers with a soft setting of 2/2/50/5 blur, color #404040.
4.  Open green ribbon 1, resize to 550 px. in height. Mirror. Copy 'n paste as a new layer above all the rectangle layers
but below the frame layer.  D/S.
5.  Open Moon Flower ring, resize to 550 px. in height. Copy 'n paste as a new layer.
Image ~ free rotate 45 degrees to left. Sharpen. Using selection tool, draw a selection using freehand selection ~ point-to-point,
around the flower itself. When happy, invert selection and press delete. D/S the flower.
6.  Open Flower 1, resize 25%, copy 'n paste as a new layer above your frame. D/S
Open trellis vine, resize 65% ~ mirror ~ copy 'n paste as a new layer below bottommost flower.
Erase any undesired part of vine that extends beyond bottom part of frame. D/S.
Open star dangly, resize to 550 px in height. Copy 'n paste as a new layer above vine layer.
Erase any part of star dangly that extends above the bottommost flower. D/S.
7. Open tube of choice. Copy 'n paste as a new layer above frame layer. Duplicate. Move duplicate copy
below frame layer. Erase any portion of tube that extends beyond
lower portion of frame on both tube layers.
Back to original tube layer, duplicate.  On duplicate layer, Adjust ~ blur ~ gaussian blur ~ radius 3.
Change blend mode of this layer to soft light. This effect helps brighten the tube.
D/S the original tube layer ONLY with the shadow checked on a new layer. Erase any undesired dropshadow.
8.  Open bright light, resize to 550 px wide. copy 'n paste above tube layers. Move to lower part of tube,
just above frame.
Open feather, resize 18%, copy 'n paste as a new layer above all tube layers.
Mirror feather. Move to right. Duplicate feather ~ resize 75%, mirror and move to right.
 9.  If you wish to resize tag, do so now using 90% smartsize.
Add your copyright, URL, watermark & name.
For name, foregound nil, background color #8c9858.
Open font, minimize. Using sz 100 px, write name
Image rotate ~ free rotate ~ 10 degrees to left. Convert to raster layer.
Using plugin EyeCandy 4000 ~ gradient glow ~ Setting:
color ~ white ~ slide white bottom slider to middle of scale bar
Choose basic tab ~ glow width 3, soft corners 25, overall opacity 100.
Add D/S 5/5/50/5 blur, #404040.
Merge all flatten and save as a .jpeg or delete white bg and merge visible and save as a .png.
 Hope you enjoy your new creation!

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