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Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Tutorial ~ Something In Your Mouth

This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.
Supplies Needed:
 I am using Corel PSP X2 version but any version will do.
Tube of choice. I am using the artwork of Elias Chatzoudis. You can purchase a license to use his work at MPT.
FTU Kit by Mirella called Summer Garden found HERE. Grab the tagger size.
Absolutely love this kit. Thank you, Mirella! ♥
Template31 by Babe's Designz found HERE
Frame found HERE
Plugins Required:   Xero ~ Moodlight
EyeCandy5 ~ Impact ~ Glass
Mura's Meister ~ Copies
Font for the name is Lindsay Triangles
Font for Nickelback Lyrics is Arial
  * * * * *
1.  Open the template, press Shift & D. Close the original template.
Delete the credit layer and the small grey rectangle layers.
Duplicate the pink circle layer ~ mirror. Move this duplicate pink circle and place centered inside the large dots layer.
Duplicate this pink circle again. Resize this copy 67% and move this pink circle layer to left lower side of your tag
centering it roughly around small dots bottom left.
Delete the small dots layer now.
Choose top left pink circle, selections ~ select all ~ float, defloat, modify ~ smooth 10, 10.
Open paper of choice or paper 30 resized to 600 px. Copy 'n paste as a new layer ~ invert selection ~ delete. Select none.
Do all three pink circles same way with a different paper for each.
2.  Using EyeCandy5 ~ Impact ~ Glass ~ setting Clear except change the inner shadow opacity and drop shadow opacity to 50 on the basic tab
Apply this effect to all three circle paper layers.
For the top left circle layer only, if using the red paper, change the blend mode of this layer to overlay
and do not delete the pink circle layer beneath it.
Delete the other two pink circle layers.
3. Using font Arial, sz 10, alias sharp, foreground nil, fill white, type in Capitals YOU LOOK SO MUCH CUTER WITH SOMETHING IN YOUR MOUTH
Object, align ~ center in canvas ~ convert to raster layer.
Using Mura's Meister ~ Copies ~ tiling angle ~ use standard setting except change tile gap to 2.
Using magic wand, tolerance 10, feather 0, click on black area of large black rectangle.
Selections ~ invert ~ back to wordart you just created ~ press delete ~ selections none.
4. Open black frame supplied, copy 'n paste as a new layer over top wordart layer and black rectangle.
Rotate ~ free rotate ~ 5 degrees to left. Place so it frames the black rectangle 'n wordart.
Using Adjust ~ add/remove noise ~ add noise random 45, monochrome checked. Apply.
Sharpen MORE. D/S frame 2/2/50/5 blur color black
5.  Choose pink rectangle layer ~ Adjust ~ Brightness/Contrast ~ minus 255/0 to change color to black.
Using magic wand, click on this black rectangle
Open tube of choice ~ resize it 125% smartsize. Copy 'n paste it over selection as a new layer.
Selections ~ invert ~ delete. Select none.
Apply Plugin Xero - Moodlight to tube using standard setting or 128, 30, color black, 255, 5, 0.
Choose the fancy frame layer ~ apply same add noise effect 'n Sharpen MORE. D/S.
6. Open frame4 element, copy 'n paste as a new layer above all 3 circle glass layers. D/S
Choose large dot layer on layer palette, use same EyeCandy5 ~ Impact ~ Glass effect as above.
Move this large dot layer above paper element frame 4.
Duplicate ~ mirror. D/S both layers.
Note: the large dotted layers are difficult to see on reference tag due to black background*
7. Open tube of choice ~ mirror if needed ~ copy 'n paste
Duplicate tube. On duplicate layer ~ adjust blur ~ gaussian blur ~ radius 3
Change blend mode of this layer to soft light or overlay.
D/S the original tube layer ONLY.
8.  Now to personalize your tag, resize most elements between 50 - 75%. Add as many flowers and leaves as you wish. (see reference tag)
Rotate some elements with your pick tool or deformation tool. Sharpen whenever resizing or rotating elements.
Erase any stems that may extend beyond your flower cluster.
D/S each with 2/2/50/5 blur color #404040.
Add your name to resized tagelement 3, foreground nil, fill color #2762bb.
Resize entire tag at this point if you wish, all layers checked.
9. Add your copyright, URL and watermark.
 Merge all flatten and save as a .jpeg or delete white bg and merge visible and save as a .png.
 Hope you enjoy your new creation!

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