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Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Tutorial ~ Christmas Moments

This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.
Supplies Needed:
 I am using Corel PSP X2 version but any version will do.
Four tubes of choice by same artist. 
 I am using the sexy artwork of Denis Rino. You can purchase a license to use his work at MPT.
FTU papers & elements called Moments by KT Designs found HERE Thank you! ♥
Wordart by Delicious Scraps found HERE Thank you! ♥
Plugin: Xero ~ Radiance
Optional Plugin: EyeCandy 4000 ~ Gradient Glow for copyright only
Font for name is Portfolio Regular, a pay font
  * * * * *
 1.  Open a new transparent image, 650 x 575 px. Do not flood fill white.
Open Noel element 09, crop MERGED OPAQUE
resize to 650 px wide. C/P as a new layer.
Duplicate & drop opacity of duplicate layer to approx. 50%.
2.  Using selection tool, rectangle, feather 0, draw a rectangular selection around the 'N'
Open first tube, C/P as a new layer below your NOEL word on your layer palette.
Center tube as desired, selection - invert ~ delete. Selections ~ none.
For letter 'O', use selection tool ~ eclipse ~ draw a selection around 'O'
open second tube, C/P as a new layer ~ center as desired
(try to line up the 'eyes' of all your tubes for overall balance)
Selections ~ invert ~ delete ~ none.
For letter 'E', draw a rectangular selection around 'E'
Open third tube, C/P as a new layer ~ center
Selections ~ invert ~ delete ~ none.
For letter 'L', draw a rectangular selection around vertical portion of 'L'
Holding shift key on keyboard, draw another rectangle around horizontal portion of 'L'
The two selections will automatically merge.
Open fourth tube, C/P as a new layer ~ center.
Selection ~ invert ~ delete ~ none.
3.  Merge down the last tube layer to your third tube, merge down to second tube,
merge down to first tube layer.
All four tubes should now be one layer.
Using plugin Xero ~ Radiance ~ default setting or 128, 50, 128, 255.
 4.  Open Merry Christmas wordart from Delicious Scraps.
Draw a point-to-point selection around the Merry Christmas wording, excluding the red bow.
C/P as top layer on your layer palette
Resize 20% and again 90%. D/S if desired.
5. To personalize tag, add elements of choice, duplicating as desired.
Drop opacity of these elements slightly to blend in with white background.
Snowflake element 23 ~ 10%, element 01 ~ 20%
6.  Add copyright, URL, watermark and name.
For name, close foreground color, using fill color white,
type name, image rotate ~ free rotate to left 7 degrees.
Use Effects ~ 3D effects ~ inner bevel as below:
Adjust Hue & Saturation 26 ~ 148. D/S if you wish.
 Draw a freehand selection around a red bead from the 'Merry Christmas' wordart,
C/P as many as desired on your name, resized to your preference.
7. Merge visible. Crop ~ Merged Opaque ~ save as a PNG.
Hope you enjoy your Christmas creation!

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