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Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Tutorial ~ Felt Christmas

This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of PSP. 
Supplies Needed:
I am using Corel PSP X2 version but any version will do.
 Tube of choice.  I am using the gorjuss artwork of Suzanne Woolcott. You can purchase a license to use her art HERE
FTU Felt Christmas Scrap kit elements found HERE and papers HERE
Christmas mask by me found HERE
Supplies HERE
Animation shop
Font for name is Edit Undo Dot BRK found HERE
  * * * * *
1.  Open a new transparent image 650 x 625 px. Flood fill white
Add a new raster layer, selections ~ select all
Open paper 6, copy 'n paste into the selection. Selections ~ none
Sharpen once.
Open my Christmas mask and minimize.
Layers ~ New Mask Layer ~ from Image ~ find chas13mask ~ apply.
Merge group.
2. Open frame of choice, resize to 500 px wide, c/p as a new layer.
Using magic wand, click inside frame, selections ~ modify ~ expand by 5 px
Open paper 5, resized to 600 px wide, c/p as a new layer
Selections ~ invert ~ delete ~ do not deselect yet.
Move paper layer below frame.
Colorize this paper using Hue 2, Saturation 131
With selection still selected ~ invert selection 'n add a new raster layer and flood fill this layer with color #441916
Selections ~ none.
Change the blend mode of this color layer to MULTIPLY and drop opacity to approx 68.
Add a nice blurry D/S to the frame only using 0/0/80/20 blur, color black.
3.  Open both tree elements, resize one 25% and other 30%. C/P as new layers below paper layer
one each on either side of the frame. D/S both trees with 1/1/50/5 blur, color black
4.  Open cloud, found in supplies, C/P as a new layer above lower part of frame.
Open main tube of choice.  C/P as a new layer below the cloud but above the frame layer.
Duplicate tube layer. Adjust ~ blur ~ gaussian blur ~ radius 3. Change blend mode to soft light 'n drop opacity to approx 56.
Sharpen the original tube layer using Adjust ~ Sharpness ~ unsharp mask ~ radius 1, strength 30, clipping 3, luminance only checked. Apply.
5.  Now personalize your tag with various elements. Add two snowmen couples, resized 10%, behind frame. D/S using last setting.
Add more elements above cloud layer, drop shadowing each as you paste.
Snowman-2 ~ 20%, wagon 15%, christmas bells 10%, snowmen cluster 10%, hearts resized to liking, tag of choice resized to 5%.
If using same tube, erase part of her shoes to make it appear shes standing in the cloud (snow).
Duplicate cloud and place behind tube for added effect if desired.
6.  Add name to tag using font Edit Undo Dot with bg color #441916.
 7. If you wish to resize tag, do so now using 90% smartsize.
 Add copyright, URL & watermark. Remember to save your work as you go.
To animate:
Close off white background and close off ALL layers above frame, including frame.
Copy MERGED these bottom layers and paste in Animation Shop as a new animation.
Duplicate to equal 10 frames to match # of frames in snow ani. Edit ~ select all ~ propagate paste.
Open snow animation (found in supplies) in A/S, edit ~ select all ~ copy. Drag the first frame of snow ani over the first frame of the bg ani.
Center over the paper layer.  View animation to check for errors.
Back to PSP, close off all the layers below the frame
and open all layers above frame including frame. Copy MERGED all upper layers.
Back to A/S, paste as a new animation, duplicating for a total of 10 frames. Edit ~ select all ~ copy.
Drag first frame of this top ani over first frame of bottom ani placing so that the frame covers the edges of the snow animation.
View animation, if happy, change frame properties to opaque ~ white.
Optimize and save as a .gif.
Hope you enjoy your new gorjuss Christmas creation!

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