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Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Tutorial ~ I Feel Pretty

This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.
Supplies Needed:
 I am using Corel PSP X2 version but any version will do.
Tube of choice.  I am using the beautiful artwork of Irina Grank. You can purchase a license to use her work at MPT.
Freebie sampler by Bellisae Designs called I Feel Pretty found HERE, dated 20 November, 2009
* Take note of Password*
Mask by me found HERE and mask20/20 found HERE
Optional Plugin: Lokas 3D Shadow
Font for name is Ability Black, a payfont
I do not take credit for this creation as this tag is inspired by the kit itself.
I simply wanted to share it with you.
  * * * * *
 1.  Open a new transparent image, 650 x 575 px. Flood fill white.
Add a new raster layer, selections ~ select ALL
Open paper1, copy 'n paste INTO the selection. Selections ~ none.
Sharpen once.
Open chas10mask, minimize. Layers ~ New mask layer ~ from image ~ find mask 'n apply.
Merge group. Duplicate. (If using a dark background ie. black, do NOT duplicate mask.
2.  Open wordart, resize to 600 px in height. C/P as a new layer. Place as desired.
Open mask20/20, minimize.  On the wordart layer, apply this mask. Layers ~ new mask layer ~ from image ~ find mask20/20.
Merge group. This nicely fades the outter edges of the wordart.
On material pallette, close background, for foreground choose color# b588db.
Using your Change-To-Target tool (left hand toolbar)
Settings: round circle ~ sz 50, hardness 50, step 10, density 100, thickness 100,
rotation 0, opacity 100, mode ~ color
Apply this change-to-target tool by left clicking mouse over the wordart.
This changes the color to a light purple or #b588db.
3.  Open green leaf element, resize to 600 px wide. C/P as a new layer.
Using change-to-target tool again, same color, apply by mousing over the leaves.
D/S using 2/-4/50/4 blur color #404040.
4. Add purple sequin element E1, resize 15%. C/P as a new layer.
Open ribbon frame resize 25%. C/P as a new layer.
Image ~ rotate 90 degrees to left ~ mirror.
Center as desired.  Using magic wand, click in center of frame, selections ~ modify ~ expand by 5 px.
Open paper 1 again, resize to 600 px wide. C/P
Invert  selection ~ delete. Move this paper layer below ribbon frame.
Open tube of choice, C/P as a new layer above paper but below frame.
Using eraser tool, erase the bottom portion of the tube that extends below the frame in the selection.
Selections ~ none.
Duplicate tube layer. Move duplicate layer above ribbon frame.
Using eraser tool, erase excess part of tube that overlaps bottom part of ribbon frame.
D/S original tube layer only.
D/S ribbon frame with nice blurry D/S.
5. Open element 1, resized 21%, C/P as a new layer above the paper layer. D/S with lokas 3D Shadow as below:
6. Add element 3, resize 10%, rotate with pick tool, sharpen, duplicate and D/S each.
 Pink flower ~ 12%. Element 9 ~ 25%.  Add butterfly ~ 10%. C/P. Duplicate if desired. Resize 50%.
Rotate using pick tool.  Sharpen.
D/S all elements with 1/-1/50/4 blur color #404040.
7.  Add copyright, URL, watermark and name.
For name I used a gradient of two colors from your tag
using angle 45, repeat 0 Linear style
 Close white background, merge visible and save as a PNG.
Hope you enjoy your pretty tag!

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