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Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Tutorial ~ All I Want For Christmas

This tut is written for a beautiful tagger by the name of Carolyn

 This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.
Supplies Needed:
 Corel PSP X2 or any version will do.
 Tube of choice.  I am using the seductive artwork of Olivia. You can purchase a license to use her work at CILM.
FTU Add-on scrap kit by Raspberry Roads found HERE Thank you! ♥
Wordart of choice or mine HERE
Plugins: Xenoflex2 ~ Constellation
EyeCandy 4000 ~ Gradient Glow for name
Animation shop
 Font used for name is PF Champion Script Pro, a pay font
This tag is inspired by a beautiful tagger by the name of
 Carolyn from Kreative Mindz
Thank you for all you do! ♥
 * * * * *
1. Open a new transparent image 650 x 600 pixels, flood fill white.
Open frame of choice, resized to 500 px wide. C/P
Using rectangular selection tool, draw a selection beyond inner border of frame. Selections ~ invert.
Open paper1, resized to 600 px wide. C/P as new layer ~ delete ~ selections ~ none.
Move this paper layer below frame, mirror the paper and Sharpen once.
D/S frame with a light setting or 1/-1/45/5 blur, color #404040.
 2.   Add tube of choice as topmost layer. Open Xmas tree, resized 20%, C/P ~ mirror. D/S
Erase bottom part of Xmas tree that extends beyond bottom part of frame.
Add other elements of choice, drop shadow as you paste. Duplicate elements as desired.
Element 21 ~ 15%, element 10 ~ 15%, element 15 ~ 10%, element 19 ~ 25%
element 12 ~ 10% and again at 75%.
See reference tag for placement.
Add wordart.
3. If you wish to resize, do so now using 90% smartsize.
Add copyright, URL, watermark & name.
If you don't wish to animate, close white background, merge visible and save as a PNG.
 * * * * *
4. To animate name, duplicate name layer twice for a total of 3 layers.
Rename each name1, name2, name3.
 On Name1 layer, add white gradient glow of choice. Use Adjust ~ add Noise ~ 33, uniform, monochrome checked.
Add white dropshadow of 1/-1/50/5 blur color white.
On Name2, add same gradient glow, add noise ~ 38, D/S.
On Name 3, add same gradient glow, add noise ~ 43, D/S.
Hide Name3 and Name 2 layers for now.
* * * * *
5.  To animate:
 Delete the white background layer in PSP
Choose wordart layer on your layer palette.
Using Xenoflex2 ~ Constellation with following setting:
Copy MERGED 'n paste in Animation shop as a new animation.
Back to PSP, undo the constellation effect and hide name 1, unhide name2.
Choose wordart layer, add constellation effect again but hit random seed once.
Copy MERGED 'n paste in A/S after current frame.
Back to PSP, undo the constellation effect, hide name2, unhide name3.
Choose wordart layer, add constellation effect again but hit random seed once again.
Copy MERGED 'n paste in A/S after current frame.
View animation for errors.
Change animation properties to opaque white.
Optimize and save as a GIF.
 Hope you enjoy your Christmas creation!

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