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Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Tutorial ~ Fairy Otelia

This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.
Supplies Needed:
 I am using Corel PSP X2 version but any version will do.
 Tube of choice or one included in kit.
If you're using the same tube, please credit Lisa of Sophisticated Scraps for the tube. Thank you, Lisa! ♥
  FTU Fairly Otelia Scrap kit by Wicked Princess Scraps found HERE. Thank you so much! ♥
Template 21 by Artmama found HERE Thank you,  Artmama! ♥
Becky Mask 009 found HERE Thank you, Becky! ♥
Font of choice or one I used called Caramel Crunch, a pay font.
Remember my tutorial is a mere guide.
  * * * * *
 1.  Open template 21, delete the credit layer, the Summer wordart 'n Summer glitter layers.
Resize canvas size to 675 x 575 px.  We can resize later.
Flood fill the empty space on the background layer with white.
Add a new raster layer. Selections ~ select All.
Open paper 41 from kit, copy 'n paste INTO the selection. Deselect. Image ~ flip.
Open Becky mask 009, minimize.
Layers ~ new mask layer ~ find mask in drop down menu 'n apply.
Merge group. Resize this masked layer by 110%.  Sharpen once.
2.  Select left large rectrangle ~ selections All ~ float, defloat ~ add a new raster layer.
Make a gradient with two colors from your tube. I used fore # f5c8be, bg # f56f7a.
Linear gradient 45 degrees, repeats 0. Flood fill this new raster layer with gradient.
Delete original rectangle layer.
Do same for the right large rectangle but inverting your gradient by ticking invert box on gradient menu.
Do same to right 'n left small circle layers but instead of using a linear gradient, choose the sunburst gradient using same colors.
3.  Select bottom rectangle frame ~ select All ~ float ~ defloat ~ add a new raster layer ~ flood fill with color # fff8b2. Deselect.
Add noise ~ uniform ~ 64 ~ monochrome checked. D/S 2/2/45/5 blur color # 404040.
Delete original frame layer.
4. To add a noise frame layer to the two large rectangle layers, select a rectangle ~ select all ~ float ~ defloat ~ modify expand by 5 px.
Add a new raster layer ~ flood fill white ~ modify selection ~ contract by 6 and delete. Deselect.
Add noise as above. D/S.
Do same for other large rectangle layer.
On large circle frame layer ~ select All ~ float ~ defloat ~ add a new raster layer ~ flood fill # fff8b2. Deselect.
Add noise. D/S. Delete original white large circle frame layer.
5.  Now to personalize your tag, add any elements from the kit as desired.
flower 12 ~ 100%
paper clip 7 ~ 50%
glitter flower 2 ~ 25%
ribbon 13 ~ 50%
pink sparkle 1 ~ 100 %
butterfly 3 ~ 25%
diamond string ~ 100%
fairy tube ~ 95%.
Drop shadow any elements as desired.
 6. To add name as I have, use a linear gradient fill (foreground nil), type name. Image rotate 15 degrees to left. 
Select All ~ float ~ defloat ~ modify selection ~ expand by 2 px. Add a new raster layer ~ flood fill white. Deselect.
Move this layer below gradient name layer. Add noise as above. D/S as above.
If you wish to resize tag, do so now using 90% smartsize.
 Add copyright & watermark.
 7.  Close white background ~ select any tube layer ~ merge visible.
Save as a PNG.
Hope you enjoy your new fairy tag.

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