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Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Tutorial ~ Good Girl Bad Girl

This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.
Supplies Needed:
 Corel PSP X2 or any version thereof.
 Seven tubes of choice plus two or three close-ups by same artist.
 I am using the sexy artwork of Keith Garvey. You can purchase a license to use his work at MPT.
Linda & Rose's Collab Template 2 found HERE on Creative Misfits blog. Thank you, Ladies! Awesome template! ♥
Fairy Dust Brushes by Dark Yarrow found HERE
Gradient mcq_Flamingo found HERE
(Place in gradients folder 'n direct your PSP to find the gradient folder using File Locations)
Scrap accessories of choice or a PTU kit called Garv Girls 3 by Tamie of Addictive Pleasures found HERE Beautiful kit! Thank you, Tamie!
Font used for name is PP_Hip20s found HERE
Filters:  Toadies ~ Rasterline
Xero - Radiance

*A special thank you to Salsa of Creative Misfits Forum for creating a challenge which
this tag originated from. ♥

  * * * * *
 1.  Open template 2, Shift + D to duplicate. Close original template.
Delete top credit layer. Move the bottom glitter circle layer above the black rectangle layer.
Starting from the bottom of the template, merge down the thin pink rectangle layer to the thin blue rectangle layer.
Select All ~ float ~ defloat ~ invert
copy Paper 4 'n paste as a new layer, move left, press delete to remove excess, paste Paper 4 again, move to right, press delete to remove excess paper.
Select none. Merged these two pink papers together by merging down.
Effects ~ edge effects ~ Enhance.

2.  On black rectangle layer, use Toadies ~ Rasterline ~ settings 250/255/241/0 ~ apply. D/S 2/2/40/5 blur, color black.
Find the dotted lines layer above the white bg layer. D/S using 1/1/30/3 blur, color black & Sharpen once.
D/S the Bottom Glitter Circle layer using 0/0/30/5 blur, color black

Select purple oval layer, select all ~ float ~ defloat
Close gradient on your material palette, find mcq flamingo ~ 36 degrees, repeats 1,
Add a new raster layer 'n flood fill with the flamingo gradient. Adjust blur ~ blur more.
Keep selected. Open two close-up tubes. Copy 'n paste each tube seperately as a new layer.
Arrange over center pink oval, move left, delete excess.
Copy second close-up tube and paste to right of oval 'n delete excess.
Copy a third tube (preferable one laying down) and paste near bottom of oval 'n delete excess.
Change the blend modes of all 3 tubes to Screen.
Select none.
If you wish to darken any tubes used, simply duplicate tube layer and change the duplicate blend mode to soft light.
Play around with different blend modes to match the tubes selected.

3. Select purple oval layer ~ select All ~ float, defloat ~ add a new raster layer.
Change foregound color to white on your material palette.
Place brushes in your brushes folder. Direct PSP to find the brush folder using File Location.
Select your brush tool, in drop down menu find FD 10_DY.
Change size of brush to 400 on tool bar, opacity at 100%, stamp the brush
all over the pink oval layer randomly. Deselect.

Close off the purple oval layer. D/S the gradient pink oval layer using 1/1/35/3 blur, color black 'n repeating using -1/-1.
D/S raster 2 layer and copy of Raster 2 layer using 1/1/35/3 blur, black.
Sharpen once.

4. Select pink and blue fill layer. Using brightness/contrast setting -255/0 respectively, changing color to black.
Select All ~ float ~ defloat ~ invert
Open first of five tubes, C/P as a new layer ~ arrange over square on left 'n delete.
Repeat this for each of the five small squares.
When done, merge down all these tube layers to make one layer.
Duplicate. Change blend mode to soft light.
On original tube layer use Xero ~ Radiance setting of choice. Use random button to change setting.

Select black frame layer, D/S 2/2/35/5 blur, black.
D/S pixel words with very light D/S of 1/1/30/3 blur, black or #404040.

5.  Select lower stars layer, select all ~ float ~ defloat ~ add a new raster layer ~ flood the blue stars only with white.
Deselect. Back to original lower stars layer, erase the blue stars only. This will eliminate the faint shadow of the blue stars.
Now merge down the white star layer to the pink star layer.
Add noise ~ monochrome ~ uniform ~ 40.  Duplicate 'n move duplicate layer below the black frame squares.
Delete the upper stars layer on your layer palette.
D/S the two star layers using 2/2/35/3blur, black

6. Add any embellishments you wish. Add two main tubes side by side on uppermost layer of layer palette.
Duplicate each tube separately. Change blend mode to soft light on duplicate layer.
D/S the original tube layers using 2/2/40/7 blur, black.

Add copyright, watermark and name.
Delete white background ~ merge visible ~ save as a PNG.

You're done!

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