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Friday, September 3, 2010

New Tutorial ~ So Beautiful

This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.
Supplies Needed:
 Corel PSP X2 or any version thereof.
 Artist tubes of choice preferably one with a close-up.
 I am using the stunning artwork of Keith Garvey. You can purchase a license to use his work at MPT.
PTU scrapkit called Alexandrite by Gemini Creationz found HERE
An absolutely stunning kit. On sale now if you hurry!
 Red Cape Feathers Texture found HERE and background by ArtMama found in her supplies of her Butterflies Tutorial HERE
Thank you, Artmama! ♥
WordArt by Irene Alexeeva found HERE Scroll down. Thank you, Irene! ♥
Font used for name is Mussica Swash, a payfont.
No plugins used.

  * * * * *
 1. Open a new transparent 700 x 700 px image. Flood fill white. Open frame of choice from kit. I used frame 04.
Resize if needed. Using magic wand, click in center of frame. Modify ~ expand selections by 25.
Open artmama background. Copy 'n paste as a new layer.  Selections ~ invert ~ delete.
Move artmama background below frame layer.
Invert selection ~ do not deselect.
Open Red Cape Feather texture. Copy
Add a new raster on your working image, paste the feature texture INTO the selection.
Sharpen twice. Change blend mode to Hard Light.
Do no deselect yet.  Invert selection.
Open close-up tube of choice. C/P as a new layer above texture but below frame. Move slightly to left. Change blend mode to Luminance (L).
Open sparkles from kit. C/P above tube layer. Delete selections. Selections ~ none.
D/S frame only with 4/4/49/4 color black.

2.  Now to personalize your tag, add any elements of choice.
hummingbird ~ 30%, doodle 02 ~ 50%, embellishment 06 ~ 57%, black feather ~ 75%,
flower 04 ~ 40%, flower 01 ~ 35%, greenery 03 ~ 60%, flower 02 ~ 50%,
flower 03 ~ 75 %, flower 06 ~ 75%, ribbon 02 ~ 70%, pearls ~ 100%
Duplicate 'n rotate flowers as you wish. If rotating flower using pick tool, sharpen once.

 Irene's WordArt ~ 15%. Use brightness/contrast 255/0 to change color to white.

3.  D/s all elements 2/2/49/4 blur, color black.
Add main tube. Duplicate. Change blend mode on duplicate to Multiply. Drop opacity to 47%.
D/S original tube layer 2/3/49/9 blur, color black.

4.  Add tag element ~ 50%. C/P on top of aqua ribbon.
Rotate image ~ left 90 degrees.
Duplicate ~ mirror. Arrange as perfect as possible over bottom tag.
Using eraser, erase left half of top tag to create a tag as seen in Preview above. Merge down. D/S 2/2/49/4 black.

5. Add copyright, watermark and name.
Delete white background ~ merge visible ~ save as a PNG.

I hope you enjoy your new Garv sensation!

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