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Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Tutorial ~ Irish Wishes

This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.
Supplies Needed:
 Corel PSP X2 version or any version thereof.
Tube of choice. I am using the stunning artwork of David Boller. You may obtain a license to use his work at Up Your Art
 FTU scrap kit by Cinnamon Scraps called Green Galore found HERE Thank you, Laura! ♥
St. Patty's mask by me found HERE
and 20/20 mask found HERE
Font used for background wordart is FFF urban found HERE
Font used for name is the Alpha from the scrap kit supplied.
Plugins:  Mura's Meister ~ Copies
Xero ~ Porcelain
  * * * * *
1.  Open up a new transparent image 700 x 660 pixels and flood fill white.  You may always resize later.
Add a new raster layer ~ select all ~ open paper of choice. I used paper 4 'n paste INTO selection. Deselect. Sharpen.
Open mask supplied. Minimize. Layers ~ new mask layer ~ from image ~ find chas33mask. Apply. Merge group.
Resize 95%.
Open the rope frame, resize 75% C/PD/S using 4/6/35/10 blur, color black.
Open the heart frame, resize 80% C/P. D/S
Back to rope frame, erase any part of the rope that you do not want showing through the heart frame.

2.  Add other elements of choice resizing either 40 or 50%. D/S.
See reference tag.

3.  Draw a point-to-point selection around the heart frame.
Open paper 9, resize 80%. C/P as a new layer. Delete excess.
Move this below the heart frame.
Do not deselect yet.
Open paper 7 resize 80%. C/P as a new layer above the previous paper layer. Delete.  Deselect.
Change the blend mode to 'soft light'.

4.  Above your paper layers but below your heart frame, type the words "MAY ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE"
with font FFF urban, sz 8, color black fill, alias off.
Convert to raster layer. Object center to canvas.
Using plugin mura's meister ~ copies ~ use tiling preset but change gap to 2. Apply.

Open mask 20/20, minimize. Layers ~ new mask layer ~ from image, find mask 20/20 'n apply to your wordart layer.
On your layer palette, duplicate the mask then merge the group together.
Lower opacity to approx. 76%.

5. Add main tube of choice. Duplicate. Move copy tube layer above heart frame, leaving
original tube layer below heart frame. Close off copy tube layer.
Using point-to-point selection tool, draw a selection around the heel of her foot 'n delete.
Do same for copy of tube layer but lower opacity of this tube layer to better visualize where tube lies on heart frame layer.
Draw your selection ~ delete. Deselect. Remember to increase the opacity of your tube back to 100%.
D/S your copy tube layer same setting as above.

6.  Duplicate your top copy tube layer. On duplicate layer use
Xero - Porcelain ~ standard setting except change blue channel setting to 0 and increase green channel setting to 137.

If you wish to resize do so now using 90% smartsize.

7. Add copyright, URL,  and watermark,
Add name using alpha supplied. I colorized mine with hue 69, saturation 117.
Resize all the alpha 75%. Using selection tool, draw a selection around letter of your name.
C/P as a new layer. Do this for each letter in your name.
Merge down each letter in your name, then D/S using 4/6/35/4 blur.

Move your name above the heart frame but below the top two tube layers.


Hope you enjoy your Irish tag!

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