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Monday, May 23, 2011

New Tutorial ~ Dream Garden

Supplies needed:
Tube with image supplied.

I am using the beautiful artwork of Alena Lazareva. You may obtain a license to use her work at Up Your Art
FTU Scrapkit (for limited time only) called Totally Spring, a collaboration by ScrapofAngel & Florjuscrap which can be found HERE
Wordart & mask supplied HERE
Plugin: EyeCandy 4000 ~ Jiggle
Animation Shop
Font:  Sheila, a payfont

1.  Open paper 3, resize 650 x 650. We can resize later.
Mirror your background. Open mask of choice or one supplied. Minimize.
Layers ~ New Mask Layer ~ from Image ~ find mask in dropdown menu 'n apply.
Merge group. Do not dropshadow.

2.  Add elements of choice:
element 1 resized to 319 x 484 px ~ mirror
element 40, resized to 177 x 292 px, change blend mode to luminance (L)
element 39 resized to 600 px wide, change blend mode to luminance (L)
element 37 resized to 450 px wide, change blend mode to soft light

 and wordart supplied.
Add a soft D/S to your elements like 2/2/50/7 blur, color #33471b.
Be sure the ivy layer is above the easel layer.

3. Open image of choice resize to approx. size of 195 x 230, using smartsize.
These dimensions will vary according to image chosen.
 Be sure 'lock aspect ratio' is checked when resizing.
C/P image on easel above the ivy layer. Choose the deformation tool or pick tool on image,
hold 'SHIFT' key on keyboard, drag the right lower corner on image downward to
match angle of easel ledge. Still holding 'shift' key, drag the right upper corner of image downward to match
the bottom edge of image. The image should now look like its sitting on the easel naturally, like a painting.
Sharpen image if needed.

4.  If you wish to resize your tag do so now, using smartsize 90-95%
Add copyright info, URL, watermark and name.
Merge visible, save as a PNG. See unanimated version at bottom.

If you wish to animate, continue on...

5.  To animate the stream, draw a selection using the freehand selection tool on the masked background layer,
 choose settings freehand, add mode, feather 4, smoothing 0,
draw a selection as below, trying to avoid the overhanging leaves on the falls:

This is how the selection should look with the feather setting at 4.
This nicely blends the animation with the bg.
Using eyeCandy 4000 ~ Jiggle settings 'turbulence'
bubble size 7.17, warp amount 4.46, twist 3
Apply to your selection by clicking OK.
Selections ~ none (deselect).
Paste in Animation Shop as a new animation. This will be frame 1.

Back to PSP, undo deselect, undo jiggle effect,
repeat Jiggle by clicking random seed once, Ok
Deselect. Copy MERGED 'n paste in A/S after current frame. This will be frame 2.

Repeat this method 2 more times for a total of 4 frames in A/S.

6.  Working in A/S, Edit Select All ~ view animation, if happy
 optimize using optimized octree, error diffusion, change partial transparency to 40 px and choose blend with color 'white' or color of forum background.
Save as a GIF. You're done! : )

Hope you enjoy your creation!

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That is soooooo pretty!!