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Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Tutorial ~ Pixie Dust

Supplies needed:
Tube and image of choice.

I am using the beautiful artwork of Rachael Tallamy. You may obtain a license to use her work at Up Your Art
FTU Scrapkit by Artmama called Whisper which can be downloaded from the first issue of TaggersArt EMagazine HERE.
Pixie dust made by myself found attached at bottom
Plugin: Xero - Serious fog
Font:  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

1.  Open a new transparent image 700 x 650 px. Flood fill white.
Open embellishment 01 ~ resize 37%. C/P ~ move to left. Free rotate 12 degrees to left. Duplicate ~ mirror.
Move duplicate frame below original. Resize a further 90-95%.

2.  On original frame, draw a point to point selection beyond the inside of the frame. Invert selection.
Open image ~ resize if necessary ~ C/P as a new layer ~ delete excess.
Move image below frame
Invert selection again
apply Xero ~ serious fog ~ settings: severity 100, whiteout 50, mid-tones,  definition 1, strength 100
Deselect. D/S frame only using 2/2/45/5 blue color #404040.
3.  Repeat step 2 for smaller frame on right.

4. To customize your tag add embellishments of choice or
C/P embell  30 above white bg.

C/P embell 7 to upper right.
C/P 10
C/P embell 09 ~ resize 65% ~ drop opacity to 60%
C/P embell 28 ~ 50%
C/P embell 15 ~ 100%
C/P embell 26 ~ 50%
C/P embell 22 ~ resize 75% C/P ~ rotate 90 degrees to left.
C/P embell 15 ~ rotate 90 degrees to left ~ mirror ~ place above both frames to right.
C/P embell 16 ~ 70%
C/P embell 08 ~ 80%

D/S above elements with light setting as above.

5.  Add main tube of choice D/S
C/P embell 25 ~ 50%.
extract one of the single flowers from embell 25 to add in various areas ~ D/S
Add pixie dust (no D/S)

6.  Add copyright information & name.

Delete white bg ~ Merge visible ~ 'crop' MERGED opaque ~ save as a PNG
*crop merged opaque will crop your tag without cutting off any dropshadows*

Hope you enjoy your creation

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.:Lea:. said...

I'd love to give this tut a try. Beautiful! I went to get the kit but it's no longer available. Do you know if ArtMama has it elsewhere? Thank you!