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Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Tutorial ~ Sweet Temptation

Supplies needed:
Tube or image of choice.

I am using the sexy artwork of Shawn Palek. You may obtain a license to use his work at Up Your Art
FTU Scrapkit by Artmama called Anything Goes, part of the GI May blog train HERE
Silver staple attached below

Plugin: Xero ~ Porcelain & Radiance
Optional Plugin:  Superblade Pro (for name only)
Fonts: Susie's Hand found HERE & Pappo's Blues Band found HERE

1.  Open embellishment 04 ~ resize ~85% ~ all layers Unchecked
Rotate ~ free rotate ~ 15 degrees to left.
Add a new raster layer ~ move to bottom. Flood fill white to better see what we're working with.

2.  C/P embell 01 ~ move to upper left, above white bg
C/P embell 02 ~ move to lower right
embell 29 ~ resize 125 % ~ sharpen C/P to left of double-silver frame.
Duplicate ~ move duplicate to right of double-silve frame.
D/S with light setting or 1/1/45/4 blur, color # 404040

3. Add embell 17 ~ 95%
C/P embell 10 ~ 50%
Embell 20~ 80% ~ mirror C/P to right

4.  Select double-silver frame, using magic wand ~ add shift ~ RGB  ~ tolerance 10 ~ feather 0
Click inside opening of frame on left. Invert selection.
Back to tube/image layer ~ delete excess ~ deselect.
Do same for other opening of frame.
Note: check to be sure the tube layers don't overlap within the frame. If so, simply erase excess.

5.  When happy with placement of tubes, merge down to one another.
Apply Xero ~ Porcelain ~ setting 50, 128, 128 Red channel 0, green channel 255, blue channel 255.
Apply Xero - Radiance ~ setting: 224, 247, 11, 182. Sharpen once.

Note: if your tubes don't fill the inside of the silver frame, you may add a paper layer if desired (below tube).

6. To make the 'Sweet Temptation' wordart,
open paper 05 ~ resize to 500 px wide. Minimize.
In material palette, foreground ~ choose the pattern tab ~ find paper 05 ~ angle 0, scale 100.
Choose the selection tool ~ in the drop-down menu ~ select rounded rectangle.
Draw a rectangular selection approx. 164 x 54 px.
Add a new raster layer, flood fill with the foreground paper pattern. Deselect. Move below the double-silver frame and tube layers.
See reference tag for placement.
Duplicate 'n move duplicate slightly down 'n to right.
D/S these paper tabs 2/2/45/5 blur, color black.
Using font Susie's Hand, sz 48, foreground nil, fill color black, write word "Sweet" on one tab just made and "Temptation" on other tab.
Convert text to raster layer. Using 3D affects ~ cutout ~ V/H setting -1, opacity 80, blur 34, shadow color #202020.
Do same cutout affect for both texts. Add D/S 1/1/90/ 0 blur, color white.
Add staple supplied to one of the tabs.
Well done!

7.  Add embellishments of choice to customize tag, drop shadow as you go.
Embell 18 ~ 75%
Embell 19 ~ 60% mirror
Embell 21 ~ 100%
Embell 23 ~ 50%
Embell 09 ~ 95% Sharpen.

8. Add copyright information & name.
 Delete white bg, merge visible ~ then crop "Merged Opaque"
Save as a PNG

Hope you enjoy your creation!

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