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Monday, October 3, 2011

New Tutorial ~ Remember This Day

Supplies needed:
Tube of choice.I am using the ever-stunning artwork of Eugene Rzhevskii. You may obtain a license to use his artwork at PicsForDesign.
Limited Freebie Addon called Armful of Sunflowers by ET Designs found HERE . Thank you ET! ♥
Mask12 found in MaskSet 3 made by Rieka Rafita found on her blog HERE. Thank you Rieka! ♥
Plugin (optional):  VM Extravaganza ~ Transmission
Font:  Caramel Crunch, a payfont

1.  Open a new image 700 x 650 px. Flood fill white.
Add a new raster layer, selections ~ select All.
open paper supplied ~ paste into the selection. Deselect.
Open mask 'n minimize.
Layers ~ New Mask Layer ~ from Image ~ find mask in drop down menu & apply.
Merge group. Close off mask.

2.  Open black photo mask. Resize 650 px wide. C/P as a new layer.
Selections ~ select all ~ float defloat ~ invert selection.
Open tube of choice,
C/P as a new layer, move to right. Press delete on keyboard to remove excess. Deselect.
Duplicate tube layer. Adjust ~ blur ~ gaussian blur ~ radius 2. Apply.
Change blend mode to 'soft light'.

Back to photo mask layer again, select all ~ float ~ defloat ~ invert selection
Choose tube again except resize it 50% 'n mirror. C/P as a new layer below the previous tube layer.
Place to left. Delete excess. Deselect.
Drop opacity of this tube layer to approx44% and change blend mode to 'screen'.

3.  On black photo mask layer, apply VM Extravaganza ~ Transmission ~setting 3, 0, 40.

4. Add wordart of choice resized 18%. C/P above tube layers.
Add other elements of choice.
D/S each element 'n wordart with setting 3/3/35/10 blur, color black.

I used the selection tool ~ point to point to cut out her hat from the tube, resize and D/S
plus cut out the yellow flower from the wordart to place on the hat. D/S

5. Select masked paper layer, resize it 95% and/or resize further using pick tool (deformation tool)
to adjust size vertically.

6.  If you wish to resize your image, do so now using smartsize 90-95% all layers checked.

7. Add copyright & name.
Use same D/S setting as above for name.

8. Delete white bg, merge visible
Save as a PNG

Voila! Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial!

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