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Monday, January 9, 2012

Love Is Sweet Tutorial

Supplies Needed:
 Corel PSP X2 or any version thereof.
Tube of choice.  I am using the beautiful artwork of Susan Justice.  You can purchase a license to use her work at UYA
FTU frame by Courtney's DigiScrappin' found HERE Thank you!

While there, download the wordart below it. ; )
Texture of choice or one I used HERE
Mask by me found HERE 
Wordart of choice
Some awesome wordart can be found HERE
Font for name is Bickham Script Two, a pay font
  * * * * *
 1.  Open a new transparent image, 750 x 650 px. Flood fill white
Add a new raster layer.
Select All - open texture of choice ~ insert into selection. Deselect
Apply mask.
Open frame, resize to 600 px high. C/P
Add main tube of choice. Resize if needed.
Duplicate ~ move copy layer below frame layer.
On original tube layer, erase any part of tube that
extends outside of frame as you wish.
See reference tag.
D/S the duplicate tube layer only.
Add wordart of choice.

If you wish to resize, do so now using smartsize.

3. Add copyright, URL, watermark and name

4.  Delete white background, merge visible, crop merged opaque
 save as a PNG.


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