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Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Surprise ~ Tutorial

Supplies Needed:
 Corel PSP X2 or any version thereof.
Two tubes by same artist.  I am using the lovely artwork of Alicia Mujica
Facebook QP Freebie by Palvinka Designs HERE (for limited time)
or any other spring QP
Paper 4 from Addictive Pleasures Freebie Bunny. Thank you, Tammy! ♥
Spring gradients by Tonya. Thank you, Tonya! ♥ 
Optional Plugin:
L en K Lendksiteofwonders ~ L en K's Zitah
Trailing Animation by Jus Graphix ~ Thank you for these!
Animation  Shop
Font for name is Futurist Fixed-Width

* * * * *
 1.  Open a new transparent image 600 x 250 px. Foreground color
find the gradient TBT_Aphrodite ~ angle 45, repeats 0. Flood fill the layer.
Blur ~ Gaussian blur ~ 10.
Open paper 4 from Bunny kit. C/P as new layer ~ change blend mode to screen 'n drop opacity to 40.  Merge down.
Using L en K's Zitah ~ settings: 5,25,28,45,69,66,67, 255 ~ apply.

2.  Open QP ~ resize to 600 px wide. C/P ~ change blend mode to Luminance
Open face tube ~ resize if needed. C/P below QP layer. Arrange in middle of opening.
Using selection tool, draw a point to point selection beyond the opening on the QP layer
(where the face tube shows through) ~ invert selection ~ delete ~ deselect.

3.  Using pen tool, line style dotted ~ width 2, create on vector
foreground color #b42c38, fill none
draw a point to point Bezier Curve randomly above the QP layer
see below:

When the dotted line is drawn, convert to a raster layer
Duplicate ~ mirror ~ flip
and align the duplicate at the tail end of the original line
Merge down ~ change blend mode to burn
Make a few more if desired ~ have some fun with this!

4.  Open main tube, resize as needed C/P to left.

5. Add a new raster layer (this should be your uppermost layer)
Select all ~ flood fill with the same gradient as earlier
Modify selection ~ contract by 3 px. ~ delete. Deselect.
Affects ~ edge affects ~ Enhance. D/S with a light setting

Add a new raster layer ~ select all
for gradient, find the TBT_Pink Lush 2
45 degrees, no repeats
Flood fill the selection ~ modify selection ~ contract 6 px. ~ delete ~ deselect.
Affects ~ edge affects ~ Enhance.
1/1/35/5 blur, color black

6.  Add copyright info, watermark & Name.

Merge visible ~ save as a PNG. If you wish to animate, continue...

* * * * *

1.  To animate, do not merge visible
close off all layers above the bezier curve layer (excluding the bezier curve)
Copy merged the bottom layers

2.  Open A/S, paste as a new animation

Open the traileftjek11212 animation. It has a large # of frames, so we're going to 'cull'
the animation to keep the file size smaller.

With animation open, select all frames ~ Animation cull ~ remove 1 frame for every 2.
Ok. Repeat this. You should have 30 frames.
Edit Copy.

3.  Back to your new Animation, copy ~ duplicate frame to equal 30 frames.
Select All ~ propagate paste.
Select first frame of traileftjek ani, and drag over the first frame of
the working tag, centering slightly to left of opening (face tube)
View animation for placement
* you can always undo the step and tweak the placement of the ani*

4.  Back to PSP,
close off the bottom layers we copied and open all the layers ABOVE
the bezier curve layer.  Copy Merged

Back to A/S
Paste as a New Animation ~ duplicate frames to equal 30

select first frame and drag it over the main image, being careful to align the edges.
click on first frame ~ change frame property to 60,
leaving the other frames at 10.  View Animation
if happy, optimize ochtree, error diffusion

Save as a GIF

1.  To make the avatar in PSP,
open the original signature, close off all the top layers except the main tube and layers below it.
Copy Merged

2.  Open a new image 150 x 150
Paste as a new layer ~ arrange to show the portion you prefer as your avatar.
I chose the face tube area.
Select the bottom layer ~ select All
Back to the face image layer ~ Image ~ Crop to Selection.
Add a new raster layer ~ Select All ~ flood fill with the TBT_lush 2 gradient (same settings as earlier)
modify selection contact 4 px ~ delete ~ deselect.
Affects ~ edge affects ~ Enhance.
Add a new raster layer ~ select All ~ flood fill with the TBT_aphrodite gradient
modify selection ~ contract by 4 px. ~ delete ~ deselect.
Affects ~ edge ~ Enhance.
D/S 1/1/35/5 blur, black

3.  Add copyright & Initial.

4.  Close the top four layers
Copy Merged the bottom layers

In A/S, paste as a new animation
duplicate for 30 frames
Edit ~ select all ~ propagate paste
Drag first first of animation over first frame of avatar.
View animation for placement.

5.  Back to PSP, close the bottom layers, open the top four layers
Copy Merged

In A/S paste as a new animation
Duplicate for 30 frames in total.
Edit ~ select all ~ copy
Drag first frame over first frame of Avatar
(being careful of edge placement)

View animation
if happy ~ optimize as above. Save as a GIF.

* * * * *
That's all ~ a quick way to make a forum set!

Thanks for trying my easy forum tutorial.


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