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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Bunny Eggs ~ Tutorial

Supplies Needed:
 Corel PSP X2 or any version thereof.
Tube of choice.  I am using the beautiful artwork of Zindy Nielsen
You can purchase a license to use her artwork HERE
PTU kit by TammyK called Happy Bunny Eggs found HERE. Thank you, Tammy!
WSL_Mask302 found HERE
Plugin:  Xero ~ Serious Fog
Font used is Pappo's Blues Band found HERE
  * * * * *
 1Open a new transparent image 650 x 650 px. Flood fill white.
Open the element 27, resize 600 px C/P
Open mask and minimize.
Layers  ~ new mask Layer ~ find mask and apply.
Merge group.

2.  Open frame 4, C/P ~ free rotate 90 degrees to right
Resize 90%.
Using magic wand, tolerance 10, feather 0, click inside of frame ~ invert selection
Open paper 6, resize 600 px. C/P as a new layer
Press delete on keyboard ~ Deselect.
Move paper layer below frame.

3.  Open tube of choice. C/P above paper layer (below frame)
Duplicate tube ~ move copy above frame.
Erase any part of 'copy' tube that overlaps frame.
Open element 14 ~ 75% C/P
Element 19 ~ 80%
Element 15
Element 1 ~ 55%
Element 28 ~ rotate 7 degrees to right
Element 26 ~ 55%
Element 12
Element 21 ~ 25%
Element 22 ~ 40%
Element 20 ~ 35%

4. Open frame 5 ~ 80% C/P below the paper layer beneath frame & tubes
Free rotate 12 degrees to right
Duplicate ~ mirror
Merge down
Using magic wand, click inside each frame, holding down shift key
Modify selection ~ expand by 5 px ~ invert selection
Open paper 9 ~ resize 600 px ~ C/P as a new layer ~ delete excess
Open tube of choice
C/P as a new layer ~ arrange within right frame ~ delete excess
Back to tube ~ mirror C/P ~ arrange within left frame ~ delete excess
Merge down the tube layer to tube layer below it.
Duplicate this merged tube layer.
On this duplicate tube layer,
use Plugin Xero - Serious Fog

Severity 100, whiteout 46,
definition 1, strength 70

Select the outside perimeter of the paper layer that lies within these frames
using the magic wand as above.
Then select the serious fog-duplicate tube layer
and press delete. This removes the fog that lies outside the frame.

5.  Add a nice soft D/S to all layers (except duplicate tube layer)
 of 2/3/35/10 blur, color black

6. Add copyright, watermark & Name to tag.

Delete white background and save as a PNG or
merge all flatten and save as a JPEG.

Hope you enjoyed this quick, easy tutorial!

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TK Dezigns said...

LOVE the tut !!! :) gorgeous !!