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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Love You Tutorial

Supplies Needed:
 Corel PSP X2 or any version thereof.
Tube of choice.  I am using the sexy artwork of Very Many
You can purchase a license to use their artwork at Pics For Design
PTU kit by TK Dezigns called HardCore found HERE. Thank you, Tammy!
 Template 450 by Missy found HERE. Thank you, Missy!
Mask found HERE
Wordart by me HERE
Filters Unlimited 2 - paper textures
L en K LandKsiteofwonder ~ Zitah
Adjust ~  Variations
Plugin: EyeCandy 4000 ~ gradient glow for name only
Font for name is Copperplate Gothic Bold
  * * * * *
 1.  Open the HOT template. Delete top 5 layers and square 2 (near bottom).
RESIZE enter template 90% smartsize, all layers checked.
Change canvas size to 675 x 575 ~ centered.

Select rectangle 2 layer, adjust add noise ~ random, noise 3, monochrome checked
Select square 1, using the Manual Color Correction Tool
change color to #a91fa1.
Using filters unlimited 2 ~ paper textures ~ filter paper 128/74

2.  Select small circle 1, float ~ defloat ~ add a new raster layer
on materal palette, choose foreground # 830543 and bg # b31174.
Select gradient in foreground angle 45, repeat 1
flood fill the selection. Deselect. Delete small circle 1.
Repeat same for small circle 2.

3.  Select rectangle ~ using manual color correction change color
to #b31174. Using L en K's Zitah plugin, settings 5,24,37,47,69,66,57, 27

Select frame back, float ~ defloat ~ invert selection
Open main tube ~ C/P as a new layer ~ arrange ~ delete. Deselect.
Apply plugin Adjust Variations ~ more red. Add same L en K's Zitah setting as above.
Repeat for Copy of frame back (on left side).

4.  Select frame 1, change color to black using brightness/contrast -255/0.
Add affect noise ~ random, noise 29, monochrome checked.
Sharpen once.
Repeat for frame 2.

5. Select circle back layer (white noise layer)
Change color to black using same brightness/contrast setting as above.
Add noise as above.

6.  Select circle 1 layer, float ~ defloat ~ add a new raster layer
Open hardcore dark pink paper ~ copy 'n paste into the selection. Deselect.
Sharpen more.
Select circle 2 layer, change color to black using same brightness/contrast setting above.
Add plugin L en K's Zitah ~ settings:  5,33,37,47,69,66,57, 29
Still on Circle 2, float ~ defloat ~ modify expand selection by 6 pixels
Add a new raster layer, move this layer BELOW circle 2
flood fill with # b31174. Deselect.
Add noise as above. Sharpen.

7. Open acrylic star frame dark pink, C/P
Using magic wand, click inside of star frame ~ modify selection  ~ expand by 5
invert selection
Open close up of tube. Copy 'n paste as a new layer BELOW the star frame.
Arrange as desired to right ~ delete. Do not deselect.

Open close up of tube again ~ mirror ~ copy 'n paste as a new layer
Arrange to left of star frame. Delete. Deselect.
Erase any part of closeup tube that may overlap other close-up tube.
Merge the two close-ups together. Apply plugin Adjust Variations as above.
D/S star frame

8. To personalize your tag, add other elements of choice, resized.
Open mask layer supplied, C/P above white background layer.
D/S all layers except mask layer using favourite setting or 2/2/50/5/black.

Add "I Love You" wordart ~ resize 9%. C/P.
Select all ~ float ~ defloat ~ add a new raster layer.
Flood fill with color #b31174. Deselect.
Delete original wordart. D/S wordart.

If you wish to resize tag, do so now using smartsize.

9. Add main tube. C/P ~ duplicate
On original tube layer ~ adjust blur ~ gaussian blur of 2.
Select Circle 1 layer ~ select all ~ float ~ defloat ~ invert selection
Back to main tube layer, erase any portion of tube that
extends below the circle selected.
Do same for the duplicated tube layer.

10. Add copyright, URL, & watermark.
Add name in black fill color. Use color # b31174 for the gradient glow.
Sharpen. D/S.

Delete white background. Save as a PNG.

Well done! :+)

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