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Monday, January 21, 2013

Vintage Valentine

This tutorial is intended for those with a working knowledge of PSP
Supplies Needed: Corel PSP X2 or any version thereof.
Tube of choice, preferably one with a closeup. 
I am using the amazing artwork of Gaetona di Falco of CDO.
  FTU mini kit by Anecyzka HERE. Thank you, Anecyzka! ♥
WSL masks 137 and 153 found HERE. Thank you! ♥  
Sparkles or fairydust brushes of choice. I used some star brushes
by Dark Yarrow found HERE.
Plugin: Xero ~ Radiance
Word Art by myself supplied HERE.

  Font used is Always Black, a pay font

* * * * *
1. Open a new transparent image 700 x 700 px. Flood fill white.
Add a new raster layer, select all
open paper 1,  copy 'n paste into the selection. Deselect
Apply WSL mask 153 to paper. Merge group. Sharpen.
Add a new raster layer, select all
open paper 2, copy 'n paste into the selection. Deselect.
Apply WSL mask 137. Merge group. Sharpen.
Apply a large soft D/S to this mask layer
or 10/10/50/20 blur color #404040.
2. Use white as the foreground color on the color palette,
find your brush tool, choose a star brush.
Add a new raster layer, paint some white trailing stars on this layer.
Add as many as desired.

3.  Open element 2, resize 20%, C & P as a new layer
D/S with same setting as above.
Open element 3, resize 15%, C & P as a new layer
Duplicate ~ mirror ~ resize another 90%. Arrange as desired.
D/S each with same setting.
Open closeup of your tube, copy
paste as a new layer above element 2, arranging as desired. 
Apply WSL mask 153 to this close up layer.
Duplicate mask on layer palette before merging group.
Apply the Xero filter ~ Radiance setting: 128, 50, 128, 255.
4. Open element 1, resize 20%, C & P. Rotate 15 degrees to left.
Sharpen. D/S.
Open main tube of choice, C & P above element 1.
Duplicate tube. On duplicate layer, apply gaussian blur of 1.
Apply Xero filter ~ Radiance with same setting as above.
Drop opacity to 60. Change blend mode to soft light.
On original tube layer apply D/S.
5. Add a new raster layer, paint more star brushes above the tube layer
rotating your brush 90 and 125 degrees for varied affect.
Add word art supplied. Change blend mode on WA to Burn.
Place on top of main tubes.

6. Resize tag now if desired using 90% smart size.

7.  Add copyright, watermark & name.
Delete white background 'n save as a PNG.
Tres bien!

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AneczkaW said...

Hello ! thank you very much for using my free elements in your beautiful tutorial. Hugs,Ania aka AneczkaW

Sammygrrl said...

this tag is stunning