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Sunday, May 19, 2013


 For those with a working knowledge of PSP 
Supplies Needed: Corel PSP X2
Tube of choice.
I am using the beautiful artwork of The Hunter. Unfortunately, to my knowledge
these tubes are no longer available for purchase.
 FTU scrap kit by Mirella called Enamorte Yellow (tagger size) Thank you!
Template XOXO by Dee found HERE Thank you
Plugin: Xero - Radiance
Font used for name - Futuristic Fixed Width
* * * * *
1.Open template.
Delete copyright layer, dotted oval and brown oval, top and middle brown of brown strip
Starting from the bottom, select all ~ float ~ defloat dark pink rectangle
modify ~ smooth ~ setting of 5.
Add new raster layer, paste Paper 5 into the selection. Deselect.
D/S 4/4/35/20 blur color #404040.

2.  Select right pink rectangle ~ float ~ defloat ~ smooth by 5
add new raster layer and paste paper 6 into the selection. Deselect.
Do the same for left pink rectangle and center pink rectangle.

3.  Add noise to dotted rectangle of gaussian 43, monochrome checked.
Select top brown strip ~ float ~ defloat ~ smooth by 5
Add a new raster layer. paste element 33 as a new layer.
Duplicate and mirror. Invert & delete excess. Deselect. D/S
Do the same for the bottom brown strip.

4. Copy 'n paste element 34. resize 95%. Paste above all other layers.
Copy element 45 ~ 95% Paste
5.  Select xoxo white layer and D/S 4/4/75/4 blur 
Select XOXO black later ~ float ~ defloat ~ add a new raster layer
and flood fill with dark green color # 303e25.
Deselect and delete original black layer.

6.  Add elements of choice, resized approx. 70%, D/S with setting
4/4/35, 20 blur, color # 404040.
Add elements on different layers for added dimension.

7.  Delete brown oval. C/P frame 5 (85%) and rotate 90 degrees to right. D/S
Add tube of choice below this frame layer.
Erase any part of tube that extends below frame.
Duplicate. Move duplicate copy above frame.
Erase any part of tube that extends outside of lower portion of frame.
Duplicate upper tube ~ apply Xero Radiance setting of
128, 50, 128, 255.
Decrease opacity of this layer to '56'.

*Move XOXO wordart layers above tube layers*

8. Select swirls and colorize using adjust hue 70, saturation 94. Repeat
for both swirl layers and gold layers.
Be sure to D/S all layers as desired.

If you wish to resize, use smartsize 85-90%.

8.  Add copyright, watermark & name.

Delete white background 'n save as a PNG.
Hope you enjoyed this!

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Darn Sexy

 For those with a working knowledge of PSP 
Supplies Needed: Corel PSP X2
Tube of choice.
I am using the sexy artwork of Very Many from SATC.
 FTU scrap kit by Mirella called All Good Things (tagger size) 
  Valentines Mask 1 by Jane on the Creative Misfits Blog
Template 242 by Millie found HERE
Sexy Wordart by MizTeeque found HERE
Plugin: EyeCandy 4 ~ Gradient Glow
Thank you to everyone who creates freebies for us tutorial writers &
taggers to use freely. Please take time to thank them individually.
Font used for name - Sverige Script Decorated Demo
* * * * *
1.Open template. Press Shift D to duplicate. Close original.
Delete raster 1 (copyright) and layers 13 - 9
Select background layer ~ increase canvas size 700 x 700. Flood fill white if desired.
Add new raster layer, select All, copy paper 14, paste into the selection. Deselect.
Open ValentineMask1 ~ apply. Merge group.

2.  Open element 31, C/P above mask. D/S 4, 4, 50, 8 color #404040.
Open element 35 C/P & D/S

3. select layer 1 (left pink vertical) select all, float, defloat, modify selection ~ smooth setting of 5
open paper 10
NOTE:  resize all papers you wish to use to 600 x 600 px
C/P as a new layer ~ invert selection ~ delete. Deselect.
Free rotate 15 degrees to left.
On original layer 1, rotate 15 degrees to left also.
Change colour to white using brightness/contrast settings of 255, 0
Resize this layer 105%. Add noise of guassian 43, monochrome checked.
Do exactly same to layer 2 (right pink vertical)

4.  Select circle layer 3, select all, float, defloat
modify selection ~ smooth of 5, add new raster layer
C/P resized paper 13 ~ invert selection ~ delete ~ deselect.
On original layer 3, change color to white B/C of 255/0.
add noise. Resize by 105%. D/S
Do same for layer 4 of template.

5.  Select layer 7, select all, float, defloat & smooth
add new raster layer
C/P resized paper 12 ~ invert selection ~ delete ~ deselect. D/S
Do same for layer 8.

6.  Open element 3 (frame) resize 85%
C/P above all other layers.
Using magic wand, select inside this frame ~ modify selection ~ expand by 5
Open resized paper 7,  C/P ~ invert selection ~ delete. deselect.
Open element 21, C/P ~ mirror D/S
Back to frame layer, D/S with fav setting
Open tube of choice. Resize
Duplicate. Move duplicate copy below frame layer but above
element 21.
Erase any part of tube that extends below frame on both tube layers.
Erase any part of  upper tube layer that extends beyond frame.
D/S tube.
Add element 39 above tube layers. Use pick tool (transformation tool)
to adjust size of this ribbon to fit over frame.

7. To personalize tag, add elements of choice,
resized approx. 50% or 70%
See reference tag if desired.
Add wordart of choice  ~  50%.
Using Eyecandy 4.0 gradient glow,
add 'white' glow of 3, soft corners 0 and move colour slider to 1/3 from left
 for added dimension. D/S
Resize all layers if you wish using smart size.

8.  Add copyright, watermark & name.

Delete white background 'n save as a PNG.
Hope you enjoyed this!

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