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Saturday, January 4, 2014


 For those with a working knowledge of PSP 
Supplies Needed: Corel PSP X2
Tube of choice.
I am using the beautiful artwork of Arthur Crowe.
 FTU scrap kit by Deanna called Sweet Thang  Thank you!
Template 9 by Mirella found HERE Thank you!
Plugin:  Xero - Mistifier & Radiance & Serious Fog
Optional: EyeCandy 4 - gradient glow
Font used for name - Quito Colonial

* * * * *
1.Open template. Convert to 72 dpi by selecting
resize (untick 'resample using' and change resolution to 72 pixel/inch.)
Image canvas size 700 x 700 px.
Delete copyright layer and white background layer.
Starting from the bottom, add a new raster layer.
select all. Open paper 9, paste into the selection. Deselect.
Apply mask of choice. I used Vix-Val 2012 Mask 2.
[We miss you, Vix!]
Resize 90 -95%.

2.  Select raster 3, select all/float/defloat
open close up of tube; resize if needed.
C/P as a new layer; invert selection and delete excess tube.
Select copy of Vector 1 layer, change color to black.
(adjust brightness/contrast to -250, 0)
Add noise - 43, random, monochrome.

3.  Select raster 5, same as above except
copy & paste a paper of choice.
Invert & delete.
Change color of copy of Vector 1 to black. Add noise.

4. Select raster 7, select all/float/defloat
open paper 18, resize, C/P as a new layer.
Invert & delete.  Sharpen.
Change copy of Vector 1 layer to black. Add noise.
5.  Select raster 2, select all/float/defloat
open paper 5, C/P as a new layer. Invert & delete.
Do not deselect. Add close up of tube as a new layer.
Arrange. Delete excess.  Deselect. Duplicate tube layer
and mirror. Arrange if needed.
Open spray 4, C/P above these tube layers
Resize if desired.
Add Xero ~ Radiance Setting as desired.
(this setting will vary depending on hue of tube used)

Change raster 4 layer to black. Add noise.

6.  Select raster 6, select all/float/defloat
Open paper of choice ~ invert & delete excess.
Do not deselect.
Open lace trim - resize 90%, C/P as a layer above the paper
Delete excess. Deselect.

Change color of copy of Vector 1 to black. Add noise.

7. Select raster 8, select all/float/defloat
open close up of tube. C/P as a new layer. Arrange.
Invert & delete excess.
Do same with copy of raster 8 layer.

Change color of copy of Vector 1 and copy2 of Vector 1
to black. Add noise.

8. To personalize, add elements of choice. Resize if needed.
When complete, D/S all elements.
See reference tag for ideas.
Merge all layers. Add main tube.
Close off main tube for now.
Apply Xero - mistifier to merged layer with setting
128, 128, 255, 255, 255
or setting of choice.
Open main tube layer. Apply same mistifier setting to tube
if you want more of a fog like appearance, add
Xero - Serious fog with setting:
158, 155,  midtones,  1, 50.
D/S tube with setting of choice.

Important:  Crop using 'Merged Opaque'.
This eliminates any excess paper
on all layers.

If you still wish to resize your tag, use smartsize 90%.

9.  Add copyright, watermark & name after resizing
so as not to distort  your copyright.
Use a gradient for the name, fill colour
Rosa Psp Gradient 90
Duplicate name.
On original name layer, add a small white gradient glow.
Merge the top 'name layer' down.
Sharpen; add a D/S and sharpen again.

Save as a PNG.

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Sondra said...

I cannot get the template needed for this tutorial. but it looks like an easy to follow tutorial. I will try to find a similar template to use.