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Friday, January 17, 2014

Lavender Cupid

Supplies Needed: Corel PSP X2 or any version thereof 
  Tube of choice.
I am using the brilliant artwork of Bits-N-Bobs called Cupid's Bow.
   Beautiful cluster frame by KimEric Kreations HERE Thank you!
 ribbon/heart 'Be Merry' Cluster HERE
Heart from 'Love This' cluster HERE
Filters: Penta Com - Color Dot
 Font used for name - Feel Script, a pay font.

* * * * *
1. Open lavender cluster - resized 18%
Duplicate this frame, merge down.
Increase canvas size to 720 x 625 pixels.

Add new raster layer, flood fill white
and move to bottom.
(to help see what you're working with)

2.  Open Be Merry cluster, resized 25%
colourize Hue 175 Saturation 71
C/P above white background layer, moving slightly upward & to right.

3.  Add elements of choice.
Using selection tool, freehand, select one heart
from the 'Love This' cluster. Resized 35%.
Colourize Hue 175, Saturation 71.
C/P onto working image.

4.  Using the freehand selection tool, point-to-point,
draw a selection beyond the opening in left frame
Open close up of tube, resize if needed
C/P as a new layer ~ arrange ~invert ~ delete ~ deselect.

Do same for middle frame.

On layer palette, merge the two tube layers together. Duplicate.

Adjust ~ Blur  ~ Gaussian blur 3 ~ change blend mode to screen
and drop opacity to 62.
On the blend mode layer, add filter penta.com ~ color dot
default setting or 9/2/255/255/255.

5.  Open main tube. Colorize grey layer on clothing
to match the lavender flowers.
Hue 187, Saturation 61
 Resize 50%. C/P ~ mirror.
Adjust brightness/Contrast ~ Clarify ~  strength 3
D/S  5/5/55/10 blur, color #202020.

.If you still wish to resize your tag, use smartsize 85 - 90%.

Add copyright info, watermark & name.
Delete white background layer
and save as a PNG.

A Huge 'Thank You' to Bits-N-Bobs for this beautiful tube!

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