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Sunday, January 12, 2014


 For those with a working knowledge of PSP 
Supplies Needed: Corel PSP X2
Tube of choice.
I am using the sophisticated artwork of Arthur Crowe.
 FTU MiniKit by Raspberry Roads FADED LOVE  Thank you!
Faded Love Cluster by Ellen for Raspberry Roads HERE
No filters.
 Font used for name - Long Cool Woman

* * * * *
1. Open a new image 650 x 650 pixels
Flood fill white
(to help see what you're working with)
Add a new raster layer, C/P paper 3
Select all and paste the paper into the selection.
Apply mask of choice or I used Vix-Val 2012 Mask 2.
Merge group.

2.  Open cluster frame, crop Merged Opague.
Then resize 20%. C/P onto working image.

3.  Add elements of choice:
Element 2 - 16% D/S 5/5/65/10 blur Color #202020
(use this D/S for majority of elements)
Element 12 - 18%
Element 14 - 18%, rotate with pic tool
duplicate and mirror
D/S 1/1/85/5 blur #202020
'for this element only'
Element 5 - 15%
Element 6 - 18% rotate with pic tool
use original D/S
Element 3 - 17%
Element 13 - 15%
Element 10 - 15%
Element 21 - 20%
Element 20 - 20%
Element 4 - 18% duplicate, mirror
Element 11 - 18%
Element 22 - 20%
Element 23 - 10%, rotate with pic tool

*note: if resizing or rotating element, remember to sharpen*

4.  Using the freehand selection tool, point-to-point,
draw a selection beyond the opening in the frame.
Open paper 4, resized 15%
C/P as a new layer. Invert/delete. Deselect.
Move paper layer below the frame.

Open close up of tube, resize if needed.
C/P above paper but below frame.
Move slightly left within frame.

5.  Open main tube. Resize as needed.
C/P slightly to right.

If you still wish to resize your tag, use smartsize 90%.

Add copyright info, watermark & name in white fill.
Delete white background layer
and save as a PNG.


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