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Monday, February 24, 2014


Supplies Needed: Corel PSP X2 or any version thereof 
  Tube of choice.
I am using the sexy art of Keith Garvey
PTU Kit by Mirella called Girlie In Pink (Tagger Size)
Template 08 by Essence of Creativity
Thank you Mirella & Yvette
L en K Landksiteofwonders ~ Zitah
 EyeCandy 4.0 ~ gradient glow for Name only
Zero - Serious Fog

Font used for name - Hanging Letters
* * * * *
1. Open template ~  change resolution by resizing, unchecking 'resample using'
Change resolution to 72 pixels/inch. Ok

Select background layer, resize to 800 x 675 px.
We will resize later.

Delete watermark and hearts layer.

Select white circles layer, add a light D/S of 1/1/45, 1 blur, color # 404040
repeat D/S of -1/1/45, 1 blur # 404040

2.  Select float, defloat Circles2 layer, add new raster layer
Open paper 1,  C/Paste into the selection

3. Select float, defloat Circles 1 layer, add a new raster layer
Open paper 12, C/Paste into the selection. Deselect.

4.  Select Circle 3 layer, add effect, texture effects ~ Weave
1/4/10, colours white, fill gaps checked.

5.  Select Circle 1 layer, float, defloat, add a new raster layer
open paper 3, C/Paste into the selection. Deselect.

Add a light D/S to dotted circle 1 layer
of 1/1/35/0 blur, #404040

Select frame back, float, defloat, add a new raster layer
flood fill with color #fb6197
Add plugin L en K Landksiteofwonders ~ Zitah
setting: 5, 9, 37, 47, 69, 66, 57, 32.
Open closeup of tube.
C/P as a new layer, arrange, delete excess. Deselect.
Duplicate tube layer ~ mirror (arrange)
Merge down.
Duplicate tube layer,
Blur ~ guassian blur of 2
Move this duplicate layer below original tube layer.
On original tube layers, apply
Xero ~ Serious Fog settings:
100, 50 mid-tones, definition 1, strength 50

Select frames layer, merge down to tube layers, merge down to
frame back layer. Copy

UNMERGE the above frame, tube, frame back layers.

Paste this merged frame layer
below the frame back layer, resize 90%
rotate 15 degrees to left, arrange

6.  Add elements of choice or
Element 38 ~ use light D/S as above
Element 1 ~ 65%
Element 4 ~ 40%, move to right, duplicate, move to left
element 8 ~ 25%, duplicate as many as you wish
Element 20 ~ 65%
Element 17 ~ 25%
Element 21 ~ 65%, rotate slight left with pick tool
Element 27 ~ 45%

7.  Add main tube, resized. C/P
Duplicate, moved duplicate tube above the flowers (elements 21 & 27)
Erase any part of the duplicate tube layer so her distant leg appear to
extend behind the flowers
*see reference tag*

Adjust brightness/contrast -15/0 to both tube layers.

8. Apply EyeCandy 4.0 gradient glow to the circle layers.
glow width 3, soft corners 0, opacity 100
color #fb6197. D/S

9.  If wish to resize do so using 85-90% smartsize.

Add copyright, watermark & Name.
Add white gradient glow to Name. D/S
Move name below original frame layer.

14.  Delete white background layer.
Crop ~ Merged Opaque
and save as a PNG.

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