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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lay Me Down

Supplies Needed: Corel PSP X2 or any version thereof 
  Tube of choice.
I am using the sexy art of Guy Powers of Up Your Art
PTU kit by Mirella of A Space Between called Easter Morning
Becky Mask009 HERE
Clouds PSP Tube by Corel HERE (outdoors) if not already installed
Wordart by myself HERE
Xero - Serious Fog

Font used for name - Long Cool Woman
* * * * *
1. Open a new image 700 x 600 px. Flood fill white.
We can always resize later.

Add a new raster layer, select all
Open paper 3, C/Paste into the selection. Deselect
Apply BeckyMask009. Merge Group
Rotate masked layer 90 degrees to right.

2.  Add element 37 ~ 85%
element 16, duplicate,
move duplicate under element 37 (peapod)
on original element 16 layer, erase any part of ribbon
to make it appear it is wrapping itself around peapod
D/S duplicate element 16 layer only
element 9, C/P
element 24 ~ 75%, C/P, change colour hue 243, saturation 190
element 22 ~ 85%
element 41, flip
element 46, mirror
element 18, use light D/S 1/1/35, 3 blur, #404040
element 5, mirror, flip
element 15 ~ 50%, mirror

D/S any elements not already with your favourite setting or
0/3/55/5 blur, #404040

3. Add main tube of choice. C/P
Duplicate tube.
On original tube layer, add blur, gaussian blur of 3
On duplicate tube layer, use brightness/contrast ~ clarify ~ strength 3, repeat 2 or 3 times

4.  Add a new raster  layer, using PSP tube tool, find Cloud Patch
Change colour to white using brightness/contrast 250/0 respectively
drop opacity to 52, move to left, duplicate, resize 80%, mirror

5.  Select the masked layer, using pick tool, make layer smaller in height
by moving middle node downward.

6.  If you wish, resize tag now using 90% smartsize.

Add copyright, watermark & name.

7.  For name, use fill colour #b86bb3, foreground closed.
Type name ~ convert to raster layer.
Select all ~ float ~ defloat
Modify selection ~ expand by 2
Add a new raster layer, flood fill with colour white. Deselect
Move this layer below orignal name layer.
Merge these two layers together. D/S

Delete white background layer.

Crop ~ Merged Opaque
and save as a PNG.
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