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Friday, March 28, 2014


Supplies Needed: Corel PSP X2 or any version thereof 
  Tubes of choice by same artist.
I am using the stunning artwork of Barbara Jensen
PTU by Mirella of A [Space] Between called Remembering
*on sale for month of March*
WSL Mask350 HERE
Xero ~ Serious Fog

Font used for name - Diana CTT
* * * * *
1. Open a new image 675 x 675 px. Flood fill white.
Add a new raster layer, select all
Open paper 1, C/Paste into the selection. Deselect.
Open mask and apply. Merge Group.
Add a new raster layer, select all
Open paper 6, C/Paste into the selection.
Apply same mask. Merge group. Mirror.
2.Open element 41, C/P, rotating 10 degrees to left
Open frame element 48, resize 75%,
C/P, rotating 5 degrees to right, sharpen
Open lace element 45, C/P below frame
Using magic wand, click inside lace frame
select element 41 (paper) layer, press delete. Deselect.
This allows the masked layer to show through the frame.
3.  Select main frame, using magic wand, tolerance 10, click inside
frame, modify selection ~ expand by 5, invert selection
Open main tube of choice, resize if needed
C/P below frame, duplicate tube
Move duplicate tube layer above frame
Erase any part of original tube that extends below frame.
On duplicate tube layer, erase any part of tube that
extends below frame as well.
On duplicate tube layer, select all, float, defloat
apply Xero - Serious fog with setting:
100, 50
bias - midtones
definition 1
strength 50
4. To personalize tag, make a cluster of elements
placing at bottom left of frame
element 17 ~ 50%
element 67 ~ 50%
element 27 ~ 50%
element 14 ~ 45%
element 52 ~ 55%
element 34 ~ 45%
element 36 ~ 40%
element 49 ~ 45%
Change brightness/contrast to 250/0, respectively
D/S 1/1/45/5 blur, color # 404040
element 15 ~ 55%
element 39 ~ 45%
element 24 ~ 45%
D/S elements of choice including main frame & tube.
5. If you wish to resize, use 85 - 90% smartsize.
Add copyright, watermark & name.
Crop ~ Merged Opaque
and save as a PNG.
Would love to see your results! :+)
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