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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lotus Blossoms

Supplies Needed: Corel PSP X2 or any version thereof 
I am using the beautiful artwork of Misticheskaya of PFD
FTU Scrapkit by With A Russian-Dutch Heart called The Light In Your  Eyes
Thank you!
MoonBeams and SpiderWebs Mask 37 HERE Thank you!
Wordart by myself HERE
Screenworks ~ PinHole
Font used for name - Arriere Garde, a pay font
Drop shadow setting: 4,4, 50, 10 blur, colour #404040
* * * * *
1. Open a new image 700 x 650 px. Flood fill white.
Open frame ~ resize 19% ~ select all, float, defloat, add a new raster layer
Open paper 2, copy and paste 'into' the frame selection. Deselect.
Change blend mode to 'Overlay'
Copy 'Merged'
Return to working image, Paste the new frame onto working image.
Rotate duplicate 15 degrees to left. Move slightly left.
On original frame, resize 75%, rotate 15 degrees right.
Move slightly down and right.
2. Using magic wand, tolerance 10, click inside left frame
modify selection ~ expand by 5, add a new raster layer,
Open paper 7, copy and paste 'into' the selection.
Move the paper layer below the left frame.
Open main tube. If using same tube, resize 65%, mirror
rotate 10 degrees to left. C/P above paper, arrange.
Invert selection ~ delete excess tube. Deselect.
Duplicate tube layer. Apply Screenworks ~ Pinhole ~ default setting
Change blend mode to screen.
Do the same for the 'right' frame except no tube layer is required.
3.  Select background layer, add new raster layer, select all
Open paper 2, C/Paste into the selection. Deselect.
Apply mask. Merge group.
4. Open element 20 ~ 20% C/P to left 'n down of frame.
Duplicate ~ mirror ~ flip
Element 10 ~ 10% C/P mirror, flip
move to lower left side, duplicate, mirror
Element 4 ~ 20%, C/P. duplicate, mirror
Offset each other slightly
Element 1 ~ 20%, move up and left
Element 2 ~ 20%, move down and left
Element 6 ~ 25%, duplicate. Change blend mode to 'multiply'
drop opacity to 50. Merge down
C/P, move to right of frame. Duplicate ~ mirror.
Element 9 ~ 15%, move above right frame, duplicate ~ mirror.
Element 13 ~ 15%, move to right
Element 7 ~ 15%, move above left frame
Element 14 ~ 17%, C/P to left
Element 3 ~ 15%, C/P between right and left frames
(on layer above frames)
Element 22 ~ resize 15%, then resize 80%
Element 23 ~ 7%
Element 19 ~ 8%
Element 16 ~ 20%
Element 17~ 25%
5. Add main tube of choice, resize as needed.
If using same tube, rotate 5 degree to right.
Sharpen using unsharp mask: 5 radius, 10 strength, clipping 5,
luminance unchecked.
Add wordart.
 6. If you wish to resize, use 85 - 90% smartsize.
Add copyright, watermark & name.
For name use fill color #58baff, no foreground color.
Convert to raster layer. Select all, float, defloat
modify selection, expand by 2, add a new raster layer.
Flood fill white. Deselect.
Move this white layer below blue name layer.
Merge the blue name layer to the white layer.
Delete white background layer of tag.
Crop ~ Merged Opaque
and save as a PNG.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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