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Friday, January 9, 2015

Dark Angel

Supplies Needed: Corel PSP X2 or any version thereof 
Tube of choice. Tube shown is by Alehandra Vanhek of Pics For Design.
FTU kit called Dark Angel by Line A Designs HERE
Mask 16 found HERE. If this mask belongs to you, 
please let me know, I'd love to credit you. ♥
Plugins: EyeCandy 4 ~ gradient glow
Wordart by myself HERE

Font ~  Minster No. 2

Drop shadow setting: 2/2/75/4 blur, colour #202020

* * * * *

1.  Open a working image 700 x 700 px.
Flood fill white.
Add a new raster layer, select All.
Open paper 4, copy and paste into the selection.
Apply the mask provided. Merge group.

2.  Open element 06, resize to 590 px wide. C/P
Add EyeCandy 4, gradient glow setting:
glow width 5, soft corners 0, overall opacity 100

'fat' setting, both slider colours black.
Using magic wand, tolerance 10, select the black
gradient glow area, promote selection to layer. Deselect.
Add noise, random, 33, monochrome checked.
D/S as above.

3. Open element 25, resize 20%, C/P to right.
Duplicate, miror & flip.
Open element 01, resize 15%, C/P 
Duplicate, merge down. Duplicate again.
Resize this duplicate 85%, move to left.
D/S both circle rings.
Open element 5, resize 50%, C/P
Element 7 ~ 30%, C/P, rotate 25 degrees to left. Dupliate, mirror.
Move duplicate copy below original frame.
Working on original frame, use magic wand, click inside of frame,
modify selection expand by 5 px
Copy close up of face, paste as a new layer.
Invert selection, delete excess.
Duplicate the tube layer, adjust blur ~ gaussian blur of 3,
change blend mode to soft light.
Open element 08, resize 20% C/P over the right frame.
Using pick tool (deformation tool), hold down the 'control key'
move bottom left corner inwards.
Move this so it appear the ribbon wraps around the right frame.
Using lighten/darken tool, darken the right border of the ribbon
by right clicking along the right edge.

4.  Open main tube, resize 45%,  mirror,
C/P to right of tag, rotate 7 degrees to right
Colourize grey, using Hue 0, Saturation 0
duplicate main tube
Adjust blur, gaussian blur of 3
change blend mode to soft light.

Open element 11, resize 20%, C/P, flip
Use selection tool, line to line, draw a line along the stem
to delete excess tube below the stem.
Select main tube layer, delete, select duplicate of main tube, delete.
*See reference tag*

5.  Add elements of choice:
element 02 ~ 15%
element 03 ~ 20%
element 04 ~ 25%
element 12 ~ 25%
element 13 ~ 20%
element 14 ~ 10%
element 15 ~ 15%, duplicate, flip
duplicate, flip
Add wordart.

6.  If you wish to resize tag, use 90% smart size.
Add copyright, watermark, lic#, & name.

7.  Delete the white back ground layer.
 Layers ~ Merge visible. Save as a PNG

♥ Hope you enjoy your new gothic tag! ♥
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seldomscenehere said...

Love it!

Peggers said...

the kit is no longer available for this tut..