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Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year Snowflake

Supplies Needed: Corel PSP X2 or any version thereof 
Tube of choice. I am using an Exclusive from AC Diva Forum called Snowflake
FTU kit by Scrap and Tube called The New Year ♥ Thank you!
FTU kit by Scrap and Tube called A Fairy Christmas ♥
Mask 16 found HERE. If this mask belongs to you, 
please let me know, I'd love to credit you. ♥

Font used ~ Paradise Finishers & Paradise Script Two (pay fonts)

Drop shadow setting used: 2, 3, 50, blur 9, color black
or setting of choice

* * * * *

1.  Open a working image 700 x 700 px.
Flood fill white.
Add a new raster layer, select All.
Open any background of choice. Copy & paste into the selection. Deselect.
Apply the mask provide. Merge group
use my masked bg HERE

2.  Open branch ~ 60% C/P
duplicate twice, mirror and flip one, arrange two on left, one on right

3.  Open bench ~ 90%, mirror, C/P
Lamp ~ 75% C/P
open twig bush from the Fairy Christmas kit ~ 80%
colourize grey using Adjust Hue 0, Saturation 0
C/P, sharpen
Open log, resize 60%, C/P, duplicate, rotate one 15 degrees, sharpen
 Open silver firework2, C/P
silver ribbon ~ 75%
silver balloon ~ 55%, duplicate 
trail stars ~ 70% C/P, duplicate, sharpen both
open stone path from Fairy Christmas kit,
resize 60%, mirror, change colour to grey using Hue 0, Saturation 0

4.  Add snowflakes & stars, resized 16% and sharpened
Add main tube, resize, C/P behind twig bush
D/S all elements added incl tube

If you wish to resize tag, use 90% smart size.

5.  Add copyright, watermark, lic#, & name.

6.  Delete the white back ground layer.
 Layers ~ Merge visible. Save as a PNG

♥ Hope you enjoy your whimsical creation! ♥

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