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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Where There Is Love

Supplies Needed: Corel PSP X2 or any version thereof 
Tube of choice. I am using the sexy artwork of Keith Garvey
No scrap kit for forum set
(only for 'Signature Scrap tag' below)
Texture by Sanami276 HERE 124(4)
brushes of choice. I used some tiny circle brushes
by Celestial Star (no longer available) so I made
some heart shape brushes HERE 
*These are for PSP version X2 Ultimate or Newer*
Gradient mcq Fire Pink found HERE
Plugins: AB 08 - WireMeshings Unlimited
Xero - Fritillary
Wordart by myself HERE & HERE
Animation Celine Match3 (ani2)  by Sophisticat Simone HERE Thank you! ♥

Font ~  Great Vibes

Grab a coffee and let's begin....

* * * * *

1.  Open a working image 700 x 250 px.
Flood fill white. Add a new raster layer.
Resize texture 124 (4) to 700 px, C/P
Select the empty layer, select All
back to the texture layer,  select Image ~ Crop to selection.
Duplicate this texture layer.
Using plugin AB 08, wiremeshings unlimited ~ default setting
Apply.  Change blend mode to 'soft light'.

2. Add a new raster layer, change foreground colour to white
using brush tool, default size, tap a brush of choice onto this layer.
Duplicate if needed.

3. Open tube, resize as needed. C/P in middle of working image.
change blend mode to 'soft light'

4. Using preset shape, find the 'burst' shape.
With fill colour white, draw out a shape onto working image.
convert to raster layer. Change blend mode to 'soft light'.

5.  Open close-up of tube, resize 75%, C/P to left of image
with half of face showing only.
Duplicate close-up. Adjust blur ~ gaussian blur of 3.
Change blend mode to 'soft light'
Duplicate main copy of tube again.
Adjust Blur ~ blur more. Move this layer below main tube layer.
This replaces a drop shadow.

On original main tube, apply Plugin
Xero - Fritallary setting: 3, 30. 10, 0

6.  Open main tube, C/P to right so torso is shown.
Duplicate this part of tube. Adjust Blur ~ Gaussian blur 3.
Change blend mode to 'soft light'.
Duplicate main tube of torso again.
Adjust blur ~ blur more. Move this layer below original tube.
Select original tube layer, apply Plugin
Xero - Fritallary setting: 3, 30. 10, 0

Add wordart 'Where There Is Love, There Is Lingerie'

7.  Select white background layer.
Add a new raster layer. Select All. 
flood fill with gradient mcq fire pink, using 45 degrees, repeats 0.
Modify selection contract by 7. Delete. Deselect.
Move this layer to very top of working image.
Effects ~ Edge ~ enhance more.
Duplicate this layer. Apply Screenworks ~ Dense Net Plugin
change blend mode to 'screen'. Sharpen.

8.  Select white background layer again.
Add a new raster layer, select all.
Flood fill with colour #d90806
Modify selection contract by 10.
Delete. Deselect. 
Move this layer below the frame layers made earlier.
This should be the third layer from top.
Duplicate. On original red frame layer,
use Effects ~ Texture Effects ~ Fur
setting: blur 25, density 90, length 11, transparency 44.

9.  If desired add tiny single white hearts on your working image
using fill colour white, preset shape heart (supplied in PSP).

10.  Add copyright information, watermark & name.


1.  Close off all the top frame layers including all the tube layers.
You should have the following layers open:
white bg, textured layers, brush, heart & burst layers.
Select white bg layer, copy merged.

Open Animation shop,
Paste the merged psp layer as a new animation.
Duplicate for a total of 18 copies.
Select all ~ Propogate Paste.

Open animation supplied, 
select all. resize animation by 80% bicubic
Select copy.

Slide first frame of Simone animation onto the
working forum set bg first frame.
Check animation by clicking View.
Note:  if unhappy with placement of animation, click UNDO
and try again.

2.  Back to PSP,
Close off the bottom layers that were open and Open all the top layers
that include the tube & frame layers, copyright & name.

Select an open layer, copy Merged.

Back to A/S,
Paste as a New Animation, duplicate for a total of 18 copies. Select All.

Drag the top frame animation onto the first frame of the working forum animation.
Align frame perfectly on frame one.
Check animation by clicking on View.

Once happy, Optimize with Wizard, optimize octree, error diffusion, 255 colours.

Save as a .GIF.

* * * * *

To make avatar, open new image 150 x 250 px. (or size of choice)
Flood fill white. 
With the layered forum set beside the avatar,
simply copy the layers onto the Avatar, beginning at bottom,
changing blend modes if needed.

Add a new raster layer for frame, flood fill with gradient as before. Select all.
modify contract by 5. Delete. Deselect. Edge ~ Enhance More. Duplicate. Add Screenworks ~ Dense Net as before.
Change blend mode to 'screen'. Sharpen.

Add wordart supplied 'Love Me Tender'

Add a new raster layer. Move below the gradient frame layer.
Flood fill with #d90806 as before. Select all, modify contract by 8. 
Delete & Deselect. Duplicate. 
On original red frame, use effects ~ Texture ~ Fur ~ same setting.
Add tube layer below the frame layers. Duplicate ~ Blur ~ Gaussian Blur of 3. 
Change blend mode to 'soft light'.
Add copyright, license, & Name.

To Animate:

Close off top layers of Avatar (frames & tube)
Select white bg, copy Merged.

Open A/S
Paste the PSP image as a new animation. Duplicate for a total of 18 copies. Select all.
Propogate Paste.

Using same Simone Animation,
select All, resize animation 80% again. 

Drag first frame of animation onto first frame of bg Avatar.
Check animation.

Back to PSP.

Close off bottom layers of Avatar.
Open top layers.  Select top most layer. Copy Merged.

Back to A/S

Paste as a new animation. Duplicate for a total of 18 copies.
Select all. Copy.

Drag this frame Avatar animation onto the first frame
of the working Avatar animation.
Check animation by clicking View.

If happy, optimize using optimize Octree, error diffusion, 255 colours.

Save as a .GIF

* * * * *

To make a 3 piece set,
Open FTU kit by Kirsty's Scraps called I'll Love U Forever  Thank you! ♥
Valentines Mask3 by Jane on Creative Misfits blog HERE Thank you! ♥

1.  Open a 700 x 700 px image. Flood fill white.
Open paper 13, resize 700 px. C/P as a new layer.
Apply mask, merge group.

2. Open frame 1, C/P
Using magic wand, click inside of frame. Modify expand by 10.
C/P close-up of tube, resized if needed. 
Invert selection. Delete.
Be sure tube is below frame.
Dupliate tube. Adjust blur ~ Gaussian blur of 3.
Change blend mode to 'soft light'.

3. Open bracket 4, resized to 500 px.

Open frame 2 (pink ribbon frame)
C/P ~ invert.
Select all, select float, defloat

Open paper 10, resized to 700 px.
C/P as a new layer.
On this paper layer, invert selection. Delete excess paper. Deselect.

4.  Open clip.  Using selection tool, point to point.
draw a selection around the rose, deleting the gold metal.
Magnify the image by scrolling the wheel on your mouse
to make it easier to select the rose.  Delete excess.
C/P rose on top of ribbon frame. Resize 55%.
Colourize using hue 255, saturation 255.
D/S using 0, 1, 55, 1 blur, colour #bb2032
Duplicate rose twice, resize each rose 70%.
Arrange as per reference tag.

5. C/P main tube.  Duplicate. Adjust blur ~ Gaussian blur 3.
Change blend mode to 'soft light'.
On main tube, apply Xero ~ Fritillary: same setting as in forum set.
Merge down.
Duplicate tube.

Open wordart 'Be Mine'
Copy & paste between the two tube layers.

Colourize the Wordart Hue 255, Saturation 255.
Duplicate. Merge Down. D/S

On duplicate copy of main tube,
erase part of tube that covers wordart, except for hand.
See reference tag.

To keep the red theme, draw a  point to point selection 
around the green leaves on the gold frame.
Colurize using 255 & 255 as before.

D/S bracket frame and main copy of tube only.

8.  If you wish to resize tag, use 90% smart size.

Add copyright, watermark, lic # & Name.

For name, use font Great Vibes in fill colour #d90806.
Add inner bevel as below:

D/S name.

Delete white bg layer. Merge visible.
Save as a PNG.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to drop me a note in the comments.

♥ A beautiful Valentine forum set for you to enjoy! ♥

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Just FYI, the link to the kit for the last tag is: http://kirstysscraps.blogspot.ca/2016/02/freebie-ill-loveyou-forever.html